Are there any nice stainless steel 24 inch gas ranges out there?

TericFebruary 10, 2012

I've searched these boards and a number of other places and can't find a $1000ish gas range (24 inch) to bring home. When I look at the various offerings commonly available; I'm not too impressed. Danby, Premier, Avanti, Summit, all look or feel overpriced and under-built. Sure, I could double the funds and find something to take home, but can anyone comment on their experience with this size of a range and if there's a good choice that exists? I won't use it everyday; it's going into a vacation home, but I'd like to hear from anyone out there...

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Well, if you want to spend the money, Bertazzoni has a very nice little range:

and the Avanti Elba is a lot nicer than the rest of their line, in case you haven't seen it:

I think DeLonghi has one that size, too, but I don't know what it's like.

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I have had a Gagenau 36 stainless gas range for 14 years which I love. I know Gagg makes 24's too.

Simmers nice and I have the Wok burner that is great for high heat.. Lots of them. I saw a melia the other day... looked very nice too although I cannot comment on the function.

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Forgot. Aga, too. There are plenty of others, as well

Here is a link that might be useful: Aga companion

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You'd be better off getting a 30" range and an 18" DW. There really isn't anything worth having in your budget range. However, you can find some decent 30" ones in your price range.

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Oops, sorry, forgot it had to be stainless, so even if you want to spend the money the Aga wouldn't do it.

Have you considered doing a cooktop over oven? Fagor has a very nice 28" five burner gas cooktop that you could install over a 24" oven:

I know people who've done that to save space and they really like the cooktop.

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Sorry, I don't know where the rest of my last post went. I do agree with LWO that if your budget is fixed, you'll get a lot more in a 30" in that price range. Had a friend who wound up having to do that and lose some badly needed inches, not so much for budget as because she just didn't like anything she could find in a 24 enough to pay extra for less.

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