Changing CV joints

Pooh BearMay 19, 2007

1997 Ford Escort sedan, 4 door.

How hard is it to change the CV joints.

How do I even inspect them to make sure that is the problem.

What is involved in changing them.

I can feel a bump-bump-bump-bump.... thru the steering wheel.

It can also be felt sitting in the passenger seat.

I inspected the tire on that side, and found a knot.

When I changed the tire, I found the tire was coming apart.

Changing the tire helped for a while, but the problem returned.

I'm thinking at the very least it is gonna need 2 new tires

and an alignment. And I think possibly CV joints.

20 years ago I wouldn't have had a problem tackling this job.

But now I want to know should I do it or have it done.

If I have to do it I'll get a Hayne's manual for it.

If it's not too involved to do it I will do it myself.

Or if it is cheap to have done I'll have it done.

I just need to know what I'm facing here.


Pooh Bear

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First of all. C.V.'s don't go Bump,bump,bump. Tires do.
C.V's will click on hard corners on acceleration. that is the out board joints. Inboard joints viberate on straight
acceleration. Don't even waste your time untill you find out what is what. Second. your wasting your money changing the C.V.'s, Change the entire axil. If you don't know how to take the CV apart and put it together properly you are
doomed. Do you know how to put the boots back on with a full grease load and burp them ? you are supposed to put on a new axil nut too, do you have one ? Some axils
fit so tight on the spindel hub they have to be pushed off
and pulled on. If you don't have 10 hours and a sh*#t load
of tools send it out if you need C.V.'s I dought you do.

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Pooh Bear

Sounds reasonable to me. That's why I asked here first.
I intend to get it looked at when I get new tires
and a wheel alignment. That may fix the problem.
If not I guess it goes to get fixed.

Last car I did any major work on was something from
the late 70's or early 80's. Easier to send it to the shop now.


Pooh Bear

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