Brake repair gone wrong, I think?

grandmamusicmeMay 7, 2009

I had a brake job done a few moths ago at a natinally known shop. I got the full works including ceramic pads and rotors in the front and turned rotors and ceramic pads on the back. Now at @ 62300 miles on my van, and I don't ride the brakes, one caliper in the back is shot and has wrecked the rotor and pads. The caliper piston is moving in and out at an angle and is not moving freely so it is craking, burning, and unevenly wearing the pads, warping the rotor and squeeking. I think it was not properly seated when it was reinstalled after the brake job and the shop should repair it under the 2 year warantee I got on the work. If their error caused the failure I think they should have to replace the rear calipers, rotors, and pads under the warantee on both sides since you don't fix one side without fixing the other. Am I right or am I full of beans.

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By design, the caliper piston cannot be caused to move in and out of the caliper bore on an angle. There is simply not enough room for that to happen. However dirt and corrosion which would have made it necessary to replace the caliper when the brakes were realigned could have gone undetected because it isn't visible under the outer dust boot. Keep in mind too that a second possible cause for the pads now wearing on a taper are the caliper slides. When you step on the brake not only does the piston push the inner pad against the rotor, it causes the outer pad to be squeezed against the rotor as well because the entire caliper shifts in response to the pressure that the piston is exerting on the inner pad. If one of the slides is not operating correctly, it could cause the caliper to twist as the brakes get applied.

The problem is, did the shop recommend replacement calipers or at the least caliper slide service when the brakes were done? What we have here I suspect is the classic problem of the shop trying to save you money when they should not have. OR. They did in fact recommend the caliper replacement or slide service, but when giving you options, for one reason or another the replacement of them was declined by you. Right now there is no way to know from our (my) perspective. If the shop didn't advise you replace the calipers, because they operate in an honest fashion and had no proof they were genuinely needed they did on fact do exactly what they should have done. As the saying goes "stuff happens" VBG. Work with them, get your car fixed and move on. JMHO.

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I agree with John g. What cause me concern was you mentioning using a nationally known shop. There are some nationally known shops that I would not go to ... even ones that just do oil changes. I have done the brakes on my cars/trucks one of three ways: dealership, good local mechanic, or myself...depending on the vehicle. Our newest vehicle went to the dealer during the warranty period, the next vehicle my wife drives to the local mechanic, and my 28 year old little foreign commuter I do myself.

"Sean McDonagh Racing"

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