Thule tracker roof racks

delcogregMay 21, 2005

Do any of you have a Thule Tracker II roof rack? The tracker racks have a generic tower and require one of 7 or so foot kits to fit your vehicle. If I left the towers and cross bars on all of the time the foot kit would be covered with the locked towers, but I don't want to leave the whole rack on all of the time. I just wonder if I leave the foot kit on, will it get stolen or (perhaps more likely) will someone rip one off just to be annoying. I don't think it would be too hard to knock one off of my rails if you didn't care about breaking anything.

I have searched google, but I haven't found out anything and I haven't found any better forum to post this question either.

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i think i would remove them, at the cost of thule racks and accesorys, they are a target for theft. i always remove mine.

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I was leaning that way when I saw your reply. I agree - it looks like a target. I probably won't use it all that often anyway. Thanks for the input.

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