Smallest microwave available?

corgibobFebruary 14, 2011

What is the smallest microwave you know of that's still available?

The 36" Bertazzoni I've been coveting for a year is on a super-duper sale! That means getting rid of my OTR micro hood and finding a space for a new micro. The main things we need it for: clock, timer (Berta has none), melting butter, and occasional warming. I'd prefer white.

I don't have much counter space and am actually losing 6" in order to install this range. I'd love to be able to tuck a small microwave into a shelf of our pantry. The problem is, there's only 16.75" width available (height and depth are fully adjustable). By width, I'm mean across the front of the machine. I've noticed some brands refer to "width" as front to back (wha?).

I've checked RV, boat, dorm styles as well as regular countertops. (I even looked into "Hello Kitty" microwaves (UGH!).) If only the touch panels were over the door rather than next to them! I did find a few like that but they are discontinued (such as the Sharp Half-Pint). I found someone selling black Half-Pints but they weren't clear as to whether those were refurbished or not. Also, the clock isn't lighted and the timer doesn't work unless the microwave is being used.

There must be something out there! There are plenty of 17" wide ones. I just need a 1/2" narrower! Any info would be much appreciated!

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Frigidaire FFCM1134LS
Width: 16 1/8"
on ajmadison

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Davidro, that machine has a depth of 16.125, it's actual width is just over 20". Like the OP said, they have the dimensions listed strangly. That machine is not deeper than it is wide.

The really strange thing is the interior depth/width is listed in the more logical order, width across the front (about 19") and depth front to back (about 15").

I didn't see any at AJM that were less than 17".

I hope you find what you are looking for, but sometimes it does not exist - or it does, but not at an affordable price.

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I have also been looking for a teeny weeny microwave but haven't found anything smaller than 17". When I read this, however, I question whether you need a microwave at all, "The main things we need it for: clock, timer (Berta has none), melting butter, and occasional warming."
clock - separate purchase
timer - separate purchase, these are small, you can even get one that's magnetized to stick on the fridge
melting butter - doable on the stove
occasional warming - how often is occasional?
How often do you use your microwave for the last two tasks? Maybe you could try doing without one and see how it goes.

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This is the smallest micro on the U.S. market

Here is a link that might be useful: problem solved :

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If you want white, the smallest I've been able to find were the GE JE740WK and the Sanyo EM-S2588W/B.

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Hey writerblock, that GE is nearly 18" wide and won't do bob any good.

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So it is. Thanks for the correction, antss.

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Thanks, all you posters!! Yup, I saw the Half Pint. It was intriguing but I found out the clock is only lighted when the oven is operating (same for the timer). No window, either. I did find the perfect microwave, however it's only available outside the U.S. AND IT'S MADE BY WHIRLPOOL! I actually spoke to Whirlpool in the U.K. and here and the response from both was basically "People like things bigger in America." Check out this little cutie:
I even spoke to my electrician about wiring a transformer to convert the power but the herz rating couldn't be adjusted so the clock would lose about 10 minutes every hour. The U.S. headquarters told me that they'll have to see how it does overseas and then maybe they'll consider it. Well, it's been around for quite awhile in various versions so I don't know what they're waiting for.

Ellaf, you are right about asking if we really need one or not. I think we could do without, but my hubby is afraid to go cold turkey. For now, I'm settling for a $50 Frigidaire that will have to sit in an inconvenient corner. That just might wean us off of it!

BTW, I found a hood with a clock and timer. It looks very cool, has a large capture area and 4 "theater-style" lights--the Broan QP3 series. I have no idea what "theater-style" means but I think it's like our Electrolux fridge. They start out dim and ramp up to a nice, yet soft, brightness. I swear, I hear angels sing every time I open that fridge!

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OMG - you can't buy a particular micro because it doesn't have a window or a clock ???

Sheeze..........ovens have clocks, coffee makers have clocks, IKEA and WalMart have clocks you can hang on a wall or put on a counter. Are you really that pressed for time?

2nd - most/all micros have screening in the windows so the view isn't really that great to begin with. What exactly are you watching in there?

I have to admit watching an egg explode was pretty fun to watch as a kid in the 70's when they first came out.

BTW - if you imported that micro , you don't need a transformer - it'll hookup to 220volts here. Yes the clock would be off but nowhere near 10 min. an hour, I assure you. We have imported several Gaggenau micros and SMEG ranges over the years and the clocks are off but not that much!

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I thought you wanted the microwave to fit inside your pantry. If that's true, you won't be able to see the clock or timer anyways, so just get the one that fits your space.

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The iWaveCubed: Tiny (10.5 inch wide), cheap, has a window and a clock that is lit all the time. Don't know if the timer can be used without running the microwave or not.

Only two problems I can see are (1) it may be TOO small, it's even 4 inches less wide than that Whirlpool Max and (2) the controls and clock are on the top, so you couldn't see the time from across the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: World's smallest microwave?

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several companies make small .7 microwave ovens.(Google .7 microwave) Most are 700 watts, some like the Sanyo are 800. The smallest I saw was at Target and it was made by Emerson. I think it was "black chrome", but I've seen other brands in white and they were only 1/2 inch wider.

Here is a link that might be useful: example of small white microwave oven

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alex - problem is not finding a small microwave , but "a really small one!"

All of the ones you linked are all W I D E R than 16 3/4" so they won't do corgibob any good, thanks for playing though.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that it would go in my pantry but there would be an opening cut out--like a built-in. Our range has no clock and, believe it or not, there isn't a good place to hang a clock in our teeny kitchen. I could get a digital clock/timer with a magnetic attachment. I'm not so stuck on having a microwave but my hubby and son are creatures of habit and can't imagine life without one (even when they admit we don't use it much). However, that little Max is so cute that I just might like having it around!
So antss, do you just reset your clock each morning? How slow does it run? Is there any change in performance when running a 230v appliance on 220 v? Hmm... you got me thinking!

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