What comes after....?

cursivesailorJanuary 18, 2009

What comes after sheetrock?

Our sheetrock was hung yesterday and today. I know it has to be floated. But whats the next step? How many more steps are left? Now that the drywall is up, I am ready to move in!!! I am getting antsy. Also I wonder how much longer its gonna take so I can start locking in on the interest rate. Gonna call the builder in the morning, but was just curious.

How long did it take for yall from sheetrock to move-in?

Am I crazy to think the end of April is possible?

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cursivesailor, your house still has a long ways to go. Drywall taping and mud is probably going to be a week by itself.

Then you have:
priming & painting
cabinet and countertop installation
trim (the more you have, the longer it takes)
door jambs to be built and doors installed
finished electrical and plumbing fixtures to intall
finish grading and landscaping
builder has to get final occupancy permit
any remaining punchlist items

End of April should be easy to make however.

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You're about halfway through, maybe just on the finishing side of halfway. Be patient. lol

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We were drywalled, taped and mudded (interesting the way I've created new words :) at the beginning of December. We honestly didn't have much going on for 2 weeks due to the holidays, so this delayed us a bit. We hope to be in the 1st week of March. Hope this helps your timeline, hang in there!

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We had 10 weeks before we moved in and I believe that was kind of quick. You still have 2nd stage insulation, flooring, cabinets, trim, elec. fixtures and appliances, counter-tops. Our trim guy had 2 weeks to do cabinets, trim, rails and closets. Good trim guys make all of the difference in my opinion.
Tip.. Allow plenty of time for the granite counter tops if that is what you chose. Ours delayed 3 weeks due to the rarity of the color and availability.

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