Fan Car NOT turning on after I turn off Car

ggalvMay 12, 2007

I have a 1996 Honda Accord LX.

The fan on my car was not turning on when the car was on, so I took it to the shop and they fixed that problem (this happened about a year ago).

But after I took it to the shop, when I turn off the car the fan does not turn on automatically as it used to.

Do you guys know what might be the problem or what I should look into?

Appreciate your help


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If the fan was not running while the engine was running, it will not run immediately following engine shut down.

The electric cooling fan is controlled by a temperature sensor. When the temperature sensor trips, a relay is turned on to power the fan. If the coolant does not get hot enough to trip the sensor, the fan will not run.

On many cars, the fan is shut off when the ignition is shut down, however, some cars and I believe that Honda is one, the fan circuit is electrically hot at all times and the fan will run so long as the temperature sensor calls for it, thus, the fan runs for a period after engine shut-off (provided it was running at engine shut-down).

If all was working well, the coolant was not hot enough to warrant a fan when you shut down. However, what you should be concerned with is, "Does the fan run when it should? Is the temperature sensor and fan circuit working?" If you car has a temperaure gage, it can be helpful while diagnosing this system.

The other question becomes, "Is the thermostat working, or is it stuck open or missing?" If you are uncomfortable in running a test with the car at rest with the radiator covered, then it is best that you take your concerns to a local shop that you trust.

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