Groundhog Table - Split Personality

christmascandyJanuary 31, 2011

Since Phil the groundhog never knows what the forecast will bring until Groundhog Day, my groundhog table has a split personality. One side is Spring and the other side is winter.

Phil is in the middle and his sign says Spring on one side and Winter on the other. I used a pale yellow tablecloth as either set of the dishes have yellow in them.

Phil is sitting on a teapot bottom that looks like a tree trunk, and a candle ring with yellow flowers is around the bottom of the teapot. On the winter side, I placed glittered holly leaves to cover the yellow flowers.

There are confetti pieces shaped like snowflakes scattered on the winter side. The Snowman is a tealight holder. The candlelight inside him didn't really show up.

The Snowman plates have yellow trim around the rim, the dinner plates have a yellow center with a white rim and yellow polka dots, and then white chargers. The goblets are the ones with the trees etched in them that were on the Winter Bird table. The dark green in the edge of the plate is picked up by the dark green napkin. I used a silver napkin ring with a snowflake on top and my new flatware I received for Christmas.

The Spring side has Debbie Mumm Spring Bouquet plates. They also have yellow in the rim and the florals. Then I used lavender napkins with silver rose napkin rings, and my purple goblets.

I also used yellow cups at each setting.

So...tomorrow Phil will make his prediction, but from all the springy yellow on the table I think you can see for what forecast I am rooting!!

Come on Spring!! BTW, the HIGH here tomorrow is supposed to be -2!! From 71 to -2 and snowing in 4 days, did I mention that weather in CO is interesting??

Think SPRING!!



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Marlene Kindred

Well, how cute is that?! What a great idea! Love all of your table accessories too....and the dishes are just beautiful.

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OOPS, did not notice I had posted the spring plate twice until too late. There are actually 4 different Spring plates, but I obviously only used 2 on this table.


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Candy, you are just too much! That is the cutest idea--and the "candy shot" sure shows it off to perfection! Love the wood look teapot for the ground hog, and you were so clever to figure out how to make the centerpiece ring work for both sides. I love all your plates. Hadn't seen the Debbie Mumm spring ones before--maybe you can share all four designs sometime, I'm a fan of her designs for sure.

Your new silverware is so pretty--looks like pearl handles to me. Nice gift for sure. ;o)

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Oh, candy, you are one clever woman! This t'scape is just too darn CUTE! First of all, I love how you used the the yellow & white plates & chargers for both "seasons!" Fits perfectly for both! And your Mumm bouquet plates sure look like "Spring" ... those snowman plates fit so perfectly, too.

Using diff stemware, napkins & holders is quite a feat made it work & that the t-pot...perfect place for Phil. A fun table, candy! TFS! Jeanne S.

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How did you ever come up with that idea? I just love it when I see a tablescape that "goes where no man has gone before".

You made everything work so well. From a distance (the famous Candy shot), it looks like your typical tablesetting. But one close look and you know you're seeing something special.

Love it ALL!

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Candy, you are just too much, LOL. Who'd have a thought a table with a "split personality" would be perfect for Phil.
I love everything you did and DITTO what Luvs n Jeanne said. They used all the good words I would have, LOL.

This will keep me smiling all day, its just totally fun.
hugs, Karen

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Soooo Cute!!! Great idea and executed so well.

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Candy...I agree with everyone on what's been said.
This is one of the most Creative & Original tables I've seen. I think the weather you've been experiencing in CO..high's and lows..sun & snow...explains the 'split personality'.
What I like about this table is all the creative touches you've added to it...kind of reminds me of a 'Do You See What I See' !
Love the soft colors of your dishes and lovely flatware, and the teapot is cute as a tree trunk.
You did a great job blending the 'two looks' together and it works beautifully..but honestly, I prefer the 'Spring' side...wonder why?? parents lived in Boulder for several yrs and my brother is still there...I'm very familiar with the 'craziness' of your weather!! lol

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Yes, we will see on Feb 2nd. Phil is under 2 ft of snow here.
Your table is adorable, very creative. I am cheering the spring side on!

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I love this. Who would have thought of a table with split personality issues.
The centerpiece is perfect and your creativity never ends.
I'd like to think spring is coming around here eventually but reality bites and it's not likely.
If there were a poor ol Mister Phil around here by G.Day , he'd probably have ice up to his furry wazoo.
(I'm not far from the Oklahoma state line and closer to the Missouri state line where all the ickies the weather man keeps harping about is heading).
I'm just hoping to retain power.

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Candy, this is Great!!! So fun and so pretty. I love both the spring and winter plates. The yellow polka dot plates are wonderful too. I agree with the others. You are so creative and this table is super.


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candy...I forgot ...your new flatware is wonderful! Looks great on this table & you'll be using it lots, I bet! Jeanne S.

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I love your groundhog table!!
Looks like a Gemini table to me.
everything is so colorful and bright.
The dishes are so pretty. I like your new flatware too.
What in the world do you stand on to get those shots?
I'm rootin for Spring too it's snowing here and expected to turn over to freezing rain and ice overnight. There is concern of downed power lines.
Anyway I love your table it makes me smile.

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Boy oh Boy, it is cold here and getting colder!! It is supposed to get down to -21 tonight and that is without the wind chill!
So.....I am doubly rooting for a Spring prediction!!
It can't come soon enough for me. Once Christmas is over I am done with snow and cold. Unfortunately, the weather here is not cooperating.

Thanks for all of the compliments. Since I found the snowman dishes with the yellow borders, it worked so well with the rest of the yellow theme. Golly, I love Thrift Stores! Fortunately, it is just the rim that is yellow, because we all know yellow snow is NOT a good thing, LOL.

OA, maybe the split table says a lot about how my mind works, always going off in different directions, LOL again.

I am amazed at how many different dishes I have collected in the almost 1 year since Karen invited me here! Boy, you really are a bunch of enablers!! All of the plates, chargers, glassware, and linens are TS treasures.
The flatware is new and I actually owned the teapot and candle ring prior to landing here.

Nana, I stand on one of the chairs and hold the camera up over the table.


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LOL, Candy, you mean I'm responsible for the dish explosion at your house? Am I forgiven? ;o)

NanaK, this is how Candy gets those special shots...its
a good portrait of her actually!

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Wonderful photo of Candy!! She really is an acrobat.
Candy, My mind is like that too. That's why I said your table looks like a Gemini table.

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Karen, ROTFLMAO at Karen's picture!!!!!!
I love being here, it is so much fun to play with this group! Yes, I never knew I "needed" all these dishes til you found me, so you are my partner in crime!! I do hold you responsible for my new playplace and group of friends! Thank you so much!!

BTW Ladies, I can't begin to tell you all how much this group means to me. I enjoy looking at all the postings, and read and reread your responses. I love to decorate and using TS treasures allows me to have a creative outlet that is not too expensive. Karen found me over at the H-G-T-V General Decorating message board where there is a core group that knows each other quite well, and they tend to respond to their group more than to others (like me) who haven't been around as long. When I started posting here, everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and needless to say, I now post here way more than the other site!

Nana, I am actually a Capricorn, with CRAFT (can't remember a friggin thing.) LOL (Got that acronym from the other site)

Love you all!!

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Candy so glad that Karen brought you over here. You have so much to share and we LOVE IT ALL! I'm hoping you have time to finish putting away that last Christmas room so you can move on to Valentines Day decorations. I just learned another new thing (CRAFT) tonight. First it was Snow Thunder. Now I can tell DH I'm on here for more education and it's free.

We have Team Summit in Denver in May and I told DD we need to drive down so I can We have relatives in Gillette so it could be a fun vacation for us.


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