Dog Scratches

rabbit8May 20, 2006

Had my new volkswagen parked the my back yard and my german shepherd has a few little scratches on the front of it (not too noticable, but you know how it is with a new car, you don't want any stratches on it. Is there a way I can get them out (only about 3 of them about 3 inches long. Is it worth gettin upset over? what can I use to get rid of them.

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If the scratches are just surface you might be able to compuind/buff them out. If they are deep and to the bare metal then they need to be sanded and repainted. If it were my brand new car, I'd be inclined to at least get an estimate from a body shop (or the dealer) and see what its worth before I just decided to live with it.

Hope it's an easy fix. Dogs and kids.. you've got to love 'em.

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