would it be so bad if fiat bought gm europe?

bonebloodyidleMay 12, 2009

So the jokes went years ago, if you saw a two week old Fiat with no rust, you must have bneen sniffing glue. And true, their build quality may still not be absolute tip top but look at what happened when Audi took hold of the reins at Lambourghini. This marque retained its flair for style over function, but in the background there was that Germanic attention to detail that stipulated that when you turn on the aircon, you cool down. And when you press the middle pedal, you slow down. So if such a marriage between the Germans and Italians works so well there, why can't this be a success? On the 'down to earth' board, the Opel Corsa and Fiat Punto have been selling like hot cakes, and both are based on the same platform so wheels are already in motion methinks.

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GM's trouble today has been brewing for 30+ years. IMO, the products quality today is not the problem. It's such a huge company, maybe to huge, that allowed itself to get in a finacial position that couldn't be sustained. $4 a gallon gas and the resession has been the last two nails in the coffin. Don't know if GM can be saved under any circumstances now. The government seems to fault them for being short sighted in selling SUV's for so many years. If they hadn't been, they would have gone under years ago. With Toyota and Honda pretty much having a lock on the small car market, GM couldn't sell enough Caliber size vehicles to keep the company afloat if they tried. I hope they can survive, but I'm afraid it can't happen at all unless they throw pretty much all it's employee's, both past and pressent, and the investors under the bus. What will be left might just be a shell of it's former self. If that is the case, I have to wonder, what's the point.


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I think Fiat are as mad as a meataxe to buy Chrysler, free and all.
Look at the attitude that the Crysler staff gave to the Germans (hallo, masters of the universe - you were BROKE).

I don't see how Fiat can buy Opel, when most of the parts and patents from the Opel cars are shared with Daewoo and the North American subcompacts (the Cobalt is really just last seasons Opel Vectra with different metal stamping).

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