Anyone with Bootz Syniron bathtub?

palimpsestFebruary 26, 2013

I am free associating about the bathrooms in my next house.

The original set up was this: a 78" deep full bath shortened to 60" by the tub. The other 18" was an entry alcove just barely 28" wide.

This was side by side with a 30" x 60" powder room + linen closet. This was remuddled into a 3/4 bath by putting a stall shower where the sink and linen closet were and adding a crooked bit with a sink in it.

78" is the maximum depth (Its the stair landing outside). 12 feet is the maximum width--for TWO baths. This steals an acceptable amount of space from each bedroom.

Plan 1 is a Kohler Mayflower tub with a sink at one end and a toilet at the other in an almost 78" square bath and a 48" by 78" 3/4 bath with shower and wall hung (in wall tank) toilet.

This hinges on the availability of the Mayflower tub. I also have to do drawings as to how "looming" this would seem as it would also have a shower in it.

The other option is to do a 42" or 48" neo-angle shower in that bath, and use a Bootz 48" Syniron alcove tub with shower in the other bath.

In my last apartment, I think one bath was taken in years---thousands of showers. It may make sense to put the shower in the "larger" bathroom.

The Bootz tub is the only 4-foot alcove tub I could find.

The lack of a full-size tub could potentially have a negative impact on resale. However, any number of the houses of similar size in the neighborhood have only showers or only one bath, so a smaller tub will still be better than none.

I am not familiar with this brand of bathtub and would appreciate any input.

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