Possible Car Damage... need advice

peelsdMay 18, 2005

I was driving through a field in my car, going around 10-20 mph, and I came upon a rather large dip without awareness of it. The force was so great, it popped knocked the CD player out of the dashboard and knocked the car into nuetral.

I believe that I knocked the suspension out of alignment, because it drives kind of wobbly now. Could that be all?

Also, when accelerating now, it kind of lags, i.e when I get to the top of the gear it like revs (not terribly, but only slight) and then shifts.... it's an automatic.

Any advice on what I should do is greatly appreciated...

- Stevie

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My advice is stay away from fields with dips.

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There are a lot of things you may have done here. You need to get this car into a shop and have someone put it up on a lift and check it over carefully, because it may at this point be unsafe to drive. Some possibilities would be broken or bent front suspension parts, bent wheels, and possibly cracked or damaged components such as the transmission or engine oil pan. (The fact that you knocked the transmission into neutral to me might indicate that the case of the transmission itself might have hit the ground, which could have bent or cracked it. You might now be losing fluid, which would explain the odd shifting behavior.)

Get this car to a shop right away, both for your own safety, and to prevent even more damage from being done to the car by driving it in this condition.

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My X drove a little mustang across the field she parks in and said she hit a hole - and now the car has a heart beat & smells funny.
Somehow the radiator apparently hit the fan blade, gouged leaky radiator and water pump weep hole leaking, and the transmission cooler is in the radiator so it was accelerating odd too when I trouble-shoot-test drove it.
She drove it all day shopping too with this 'heart beat coming and going.

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Little ? Mustang ??
Most of these are rather large, but none are intended for fast driving over rough terrain.. Maybe people are too easily influenced by TV..
And Tim is right - stay away from dippy fields with cars that are too low to the ground(most of them)

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Need to have it checked out. Transmission linkage, suspension, frame, alignment, fluid lines.

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Did you name your car the General Lee?

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