2004 Passat a/c computer issue

njteaMay 22, 2008

My a/c died on the hottest day of the year last year and I did nothing about it at the time, believing the warranty had expired. So today I took it to my wonderful non-VW service station for them to look at and fix if possible.

What I'm told is the a/c is working just fine; they believe the problem is with the computer turning it on. They asked around to try to find a fix for it, but with no success.

So, they advised me to take it to the dealer - which is about the last thing on earth that I want to do - and get them to diagnose the problem and tell me what they propose to do to fix it - without fixing it when it is there.

"My" serviceman thinks there could be a software fix for the issue but he is concerned that VW will tell me that I need an entirely new computer.

My question: could there be a software fix or am I looking at a whole new computer and, if so, what would be an estimated cost for such?


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Take it to the dealer and find out.

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