Toyota, the truck,,, that ain't changing a thing

john_gMay 28, 2007

I went shopping today. Business being what it is I need to buy a truck for the shop, a tow truck. It occured to me, there are only two real choices for a cab and chassis to build a brand new tow truck. Ford, and GM (Chevrolet/GMC).

I actually rolled into one of the local Dodge dealers just to see what they had available, and the salesman looked at me and I could just see the "A what???" written all over his face. The Ford dealer knew right away how to get what I was asking for, as did both the Chevrolet, and GMC dealers. Now that's not saying there are not some Toyota vehicles that have not been built into towing equipment, but at this time of someone wants a real truck at this level there really only are two major players.....JMHO.

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give them a cpl of yrs, and toyota wil have 3/4 tons,1 tons, and cab and chassis units on the market, most likely diesels too.

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But there brakes are bigger.Blahh haaaa haaa haaaa!

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