rx 7 gse has been sitting

charleneyMay 12, 2006

1984 rx 7 has just had new engine installed after sitting in garage for 8 yrs. Now, the radio is not working (I'm Pretty sure it did before). The antennae goes up and down when starting car..Cigarette lighter does not work. Headlight left on does not chime. These all seem to be electrical problems. Is there a common denominator, or did the mechanics not re attach correctly.??? Checked the fuse box and those things seem to be okay. Is there a separate fuse box from what I am seeing? The manual is long gone..so I need some direction here. Thanks so much! This was done by a reliable shop, but now they want quite a bit more to fix the electrical. just can't afford more money right now, especially if it is a simple fix Engine is running great.

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You do appear to have an electrical problem, possibly some open ground circuits. Check for a missing engine ground wire/strap, the one that goes from the engine/transmission to the car body.

Was the dash distrubed? There could be a missing ground conection from the instrument panel to car body.

If your're going to do this yourself, get a repair manual that shows the electrical circuits, and start tracing.

If you can't afford a repair manual, look to a friend or the library. Your library may subscribe to an auto repair site, and have a decent on-line connection.

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thank you so much for your educated responses. I love this old car and want to take a road trip soon. ( just for the joy of having it fixed)

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To prevent ill-feelings and protect themselves, I think the shop should give the car a cursory inspection and note every little thing that is not right.
But, as far as the radio goes, I would not even touch that..
Manuals for this car can be pricey; some excellent advice from JemDandy, re- the library..

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i remember way back when my room mate at the time bought a brand new rx7 gsl 1987, no a/c. i drove it a few times and just could not get used to its lack of low end grunt. maybe that was just me. if it sat for a long time, it might be critter damage. check your fuse panel for blown fuses though.

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