KIA-Sportage Running Problem - Help!

mister_hMay 9, 2005

My brother-in-law has a '97 2.0L EFI 4-cyl A/T (4-spd) 2WD KIA Sportage w/ 98,000 miles and suddenly developed a running problem. He's the original owner, has done all the maintenance work by himself and has never had a problem before. He says... he was driving on a freeway at 65 mph for about an hour. All of sudden the engine/vehicle speed started to drop. The vehicle's maximum speed dropped to like 25 MPH max and the engine speed remained at 2000 RPM even at WOT. No smoking, no vibration, no leaking - nothing obvious found under the hood or car. So, he got off the freeway and barely drove home w/o getting rear ended. That happened more than a month ago and the car has been just sitting in his driveway since. Last weekend, I visited him and noticed: With the trans in neutral, the engine would rev up to the red line (5500 RPM) and the throttle response was exlnt. But as soon as, the trans was put into D and start to drive, the maximum engine rpm was limited to only about 2000. We removed all 4 plugs and they looked all OK, nice tan color. We hooked up a borrowed (neighbor's) OBD tool and it displayed EGR valve malfunctioning. Could a faulty EGR valve cause the above symptom? A dealer is asking $200+ for a new EGR valve, which seems way too much.

Any help/input/diagnostic hint would be appreciated.

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"Sticker shock" is a problem in the automotive industry worldwide, the car-makers could and should do something about it.

They must improve their attitudes.

IMO, it is possible to rebuild these devices, and many other components as well.
Rebuilt engines and transmissions are offered to the benefit of the consumer.

The trouble is greed, the dealers would much rather profit $30 or more on a new EGR as compared to $3 or less on individual parts..And what is to say that the old EGR is not cleanable...

But, the downside is that a vehicle with many ,many more rebuildable parts will cost yet more money to buy, but will be cheaper to service, as if cars are not yet expensive enough !!

They should use a comprehensive computerized parts systems to maximize availably and profits..In the past, thousands of dollars of parts sat around, collected dust and were eventually scrapped or sold at a loss..

Install the new EGR, this will take an hour, attitudes will take a century to change..

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If the EGR valve is showing bad on the test, it'd be a good idea to replace it, but when I've had them stick before, the engine runs pretty bad, and that occurs when the engine is cold and the EGR sticks open. The engine still revs out normally but it runs rough.

I'd be thinking fuel system, fuel pump possibly or maybe fuel filter. The fuel system will deliver more fuel than is needed at idle, and revving it up in the driveway for a few seconds wouldn't cause it to starve for fuel immediately. Even if you did this numerous times (revving it up and then letting it fall back to normal idle), there would probably be time for even an inefficient and failing fuel pump to build the pressure back up between rev-ups.

It's just a thought.

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Thanks for the info gents.
The reason we don't want to jump in and R&R the EGR valve is because it is so expensive and if it isn't the cause of the problem we won't be able to return it for refund because it would have been used (after testing). We will see if we can clean it and test. Also, meanwhile, we will see if we can R&R the fuel filter which should be relatively inexpensive and probably its lifespan must be near the end.
Thanks again.

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The gas filter is a service item, a change interval of 30 to 60, even 100K miles(VW Passat)..
I have had two cars stop running due to a clogged filter(about 50K miles on the filter); but these were carburetored rather than high pressure fuel injection.
A fuel pressure test should be well as all the other tests.

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