Any recs for a shallow microwave? Or other suggestions for me?

taeelFebruary 19, 2012

We're designing a kitchen that has very limited options in terms of where to install a microwave. I was planning on doing one of the shallow GE micros that can be built in to a 12" upper cabinet, but the reviews are terrible and I don't want to design a kitchen around a machine that won't work.

We have a real range hood so not place over the range, or in any of the lower cabinets, and I'd prefer to have fewer appliances cluttering up the counter.

So right now my options are:

1. build one cabinet with an open shelf and get a shallow small micro that can fit on there - but even this is limited in terms of the different options for microwaves .

2. Build out one section of the cabinet to be deeper than 12" so we can fit a different micro

3. Get an over-the-range micro, most of which are 12" deep, and never use the venting.

Any ideas, advice? Or recommendations for a machine you have and love? Thanks!

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I had similar requirements and I chose #3 on your list. I put a GE Advantium OTR over the counter instead of the range. But I also have 15" deep uppers. I really like this set up.

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This one is 16" deep. It has a variable power inverter and a rotating emitter which overcomes the need for a turntable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Panasonic micro no turntable needed

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Sharp makes an over the counter microwave, just FYI, designed to be installed under standard uppers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp OTC micro

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Thanks, everyone. I'll look into the cost of making the top cabs a bit deeper, but looks like there are a few 12"ish models - anyone have one of these?

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I have the GE JEM31 and it's been going strong for 10 years. They no longer make that model - it's been replaced by the PEM31 - is that the one that gets bad reviews?

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I have the ZEM200SF for about a year and a half and I love it. Not a single complaint so far. Works perfectly.

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I had the same dilemma last month. Since my cabinets are 13" deep I could not go with the many better choices available at 15-16" depth. I would have loved to get a speed oven but I had to reluctantly settle for the ZEM200SF. It is less powerful than my old 950W OTR model and of course there is lots less room. I also wish the sides were stainless, not just the front. Ridiculous to spend so much more than the PEM and not get s/s sides. So far it is adequate for what I use it for, fine for heating up, but popcorn bags get stuck on the turntable because it is so small.

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Sophie Wheeler

What is commonly done is to create a "transition" area in your cabinets next to the deep fridge area that has 15-18"" deep cabinets and in which a deeper microwave will fit on a simple shelf. Your wall cabinets will go from the 24" deep fridge area, to the 15" deep microwave area, to the 12" deep standard wall cabinet area. Or, get all 15" deep cabinets (and pull the lowers out for more space too.) so that your small kitchen has maximum storage.

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taeel, What did you end up doing? We are in a similar predicament now and could use the insight!

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