Has anyone done anything to cut there fuel consumption?

johndeereMay 12, 2006

There are several things to do to cut back on gas.Like car pooling,keeping the tires inflated to spec,slowing down,staying home,walking,etc.I was just wondering if anyone is doing anything to save at the pump?

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I am currently able to bike/walk to work, because the distance is just under three miles. It's not that hard, you just make up your mind and do it. But my wife, who usually takes a bus to work, has been forced to use the car for scheduled appointments with doctors and physical therapists for an arthritic neck, so our use of the family car continues to be significant.

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I have two vehicles: An old one that I like and is suited to winter conditions, and the other is newer with less ground clearance. The old one gets 17 to 20 MPG while the newer one can achieve 30 MPH highway. I have shifted the bulk of my miles to the newer one, and use the old one only when necessary. Also, I try to combine trips and leave the cars parked as much as possible.

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at 6000 miles a yr, i dont drive enough to care.

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Have changed my driving habits a bit, lay off the gas pedal a bit, check the air pressure in the tires more often and cut back playing pick up hockey at 1 rink which is around 30 miles away!!

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I recently bought new tires for my car and did a fair amount of research to determine which had the lowest rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance means it takes less fuel to overcome the resistance of the tires.

In the past, I would have cared less and bought tires based more on their performance characteristics or price. At $3/gallon and up, though, it didn't make sense to me to buy tires which would ding me for a couple of miles per gallon every time I drove. That adds up to a lot over tens of thousands of miles. Haven't put enough miles on the car yet to get a good read on their effect on fuel mileage, though.

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