Rearrange burners on BS 30' range?

yeboFebruary 3, 2012

The 30" range comes standard with 2 22K burners in the front and the simmer and 15K in back. I'm considering asking for the 15K to be in the front and one of the 22Ks in the back.

-What do people think of the rearrangment?

-Any sense of what the upcharge would be?

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I like your idea better. I don't know the price from the factory, but it's something you can do yourself if you want.

Just pull out the burners on the right side (detach the wire) and switch the with a long socket, switch the brass orifice (see Mojavean's hotrod video). Then remove the 2 right side burner heads from their gas pipe and switch them.

Here is a link that might be useful: hot rod video on youtube

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@yebo - I am doing a custom config on my BS range as well. The rep quoted me $150 per burner change. I didn't think that was bad at all. The side swing doors I wanted were $1500 so that won't be happening.

Have you cooked on it yet via a demo? It is one amazing machine!

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Alexr is correct. The burners can be moved from the front the back without a problem. This video show how to swap the orifices, and this one shows you how to move the burner heads to the proper feed tubes.

The Bluestar is set up so the left valve/knob in each "gang" of burner knobs, plugs into the short feed tube. So to swap a burner front to rear, pull both burners/feed tubes out, swap the burners, swap the orifices left to right, and put them all back together. Done.

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For clarification I am not swapping burners - I am adding two more 22K burners. Sorry that I misunderstood the question.


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Yebo: I have the standard burner arrangement, and I don't think I would change it. If you feel that you are even just slightly handy I would save any upcharges, and get the standard layout. If after using it for a while you still think you may like a custom arrangement more, then just follow mojaveans excellent tutorial to change out the positioning.

Michelle: did you take the plunge?
I have friends that will likely be buying a 48" (even a 60" if it will fit into their plans) bluestar and they want the sideways doors. I told them the price you were quoted and they seem to think although its expensive, they will probably go for it. (I wish I was made of money :) )

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@tyguy - yep, we did it. 60" 6 burner and 24" griddle + swapping two burners for 22K (rep talked me into that and I thought the cost was OK). I spent fours cooking, baking, broiling, simmering and melting choco (wow - a dream) and fell in very deep like (OK LOVE) with that range. We took door temp measurements throughout the session and while it did get hot, it wasn't anything that bothered me enuf to move in another direction (we have no kids or pets and the niece knows better than to kiss a hot stove).

I was set on a griddle and grill but I think I will get more use of the griddle than an indoor grill. I was also swayed by cooking on a Lynx outdoor grill (same rep) and got that for the grilling deck which will be covered and heated (overhead heaters) so I can use it year round. Much better steak on the Lynx than the BS grill. The closeout deal on the grill was just too good to pass up.

Since I don't need the BS for 6 months, the rep ordered several metal color samples so we can finalize the color. We are considering two blacks and one aluminum color.

For us, having a local rep (in addition to the retailer who is also great) made the decision easy. He will be there for install and handle any calibration that is needed. While I was there he had several calls from customers and I was impressed with his level of service...home visits (like the olden days) to make sure everyone is happy with their BS. I might even go and cook with every two weeks just so I can use that range! ;-)

As for those swing doors, yep...I loved them but that extra $1600 went toward the Miele steam oven.

So....I am happy, very happy and not looking back!


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Michelle: congrats! I know you have spent a lot of time on here before purchasing. Is the price you paid for upgrading to extra 22k burners something you would share with us?

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Thaks for the various information. I like the idea of waiting to see how the standard arrangement works...A question - does doing the work yourself void all or part of the BS warranty?
And BTW, what are all of your thoughts on whether to buy an extended warranty and if so, its length, for BS range?

PS MichelleDT - I'm buying without my own cooking experience with BS. I have a Wolf actual restaurant range now [fun but not great rsidential idea], so I have experience with intensity and with the need for simmering and a broiler. After research, I eliminated CC and AR, and I like what I learned from reading andlooking at BS.

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@Tyguy - I did spend a lot of time and I am grateful to both the BS and CC groups for answering all of my questions - even when I asked them multiple times. Thanks to Stooxie for the cleaning video and his follow-up emails. Sandy has been great as well.

I could have gone either way but we liked the looks of the BS (more commercial, handles and grates and bowls) and the fact that I can clean under it. But it really came down to local personal service from both the retailer and the BS rep. Not that I need this but he even offered to spend an evening cooking with us to show us all of the BS features. There are no local providers for Capital and only one service contact should I have issues. That did not give us the warm and fuzzies.

My builder is also happier (not that that should really matter) - but he prefers having a local contact should something go whacky with delivery or install.. he has worked with this company for 25 years, trusts them and doesn't want to risk timing delays. The retailer will hold the BS until we are ready for delivery.

The price to upgrade was $150 per burner or $300. That really was at the suggestion of the rep - I can always turn down, I can't turn a 15K to 22K. I am OK with that cost to have it the way we want from the factory. Mister and I are not handy type people (don't ask me about my project to upgrade door handles and hinges) so swapping or changing them out down the road was not a consideration.

@Yebo - the simmer was amazing. We did a small pot of rice (simmered fine for about 20 minutes till done - no burping water out of the pan, no boil overs), butter and melted chocolate. We put a steak under the broiler - again, amazing. From my perspective, you can't go wrong with this range even sight unseen.

What I did learn is that I need every bit of the hood we are planning - 24" depth is not enuf (that is what they had at the showroom - too much spillover into the room) and a backsplash that can be cleaned easily. When the garlic went in that hot wok, it spit all over the wall. Again - OK as we are doing either a full SS backsplash or back painted glass (no grout lines) so it will be easy to clean the wall behind the range. I think I would have regretted the fancy weaved 3D Ann Sacks white tile I was considering.

So...thanks again to all who gave their time and feedback. Happy Mister, Happy Missus!

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Michelle: thanks for sharing the costs, I think that will help out other people considering buying a BS. I think $150 per burner is peanuts, and maybe a good call to upgrade. I would never consider doing without a simmer burner tho.

yebo: that is actually a very good question regarding warranty. My guess is that it wouldn't make a difference as the tech will not call up bluestar and confirm the factory burner layout for your particular serial number, BUT it is a valid question.

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@tyguy - I will still have a rear simmer burner...I am doing a 60".

simmer 15K griddle griddle 22K
22K 22K griddle griddle 22K

We talked about two simmer burners and he said, nah, wouldn't change a 15K for a second simmer.

I also asked about extended warranty and again, the answer was not to spend the $'s.

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Michelle: I was thinking about your purchase since my last post, and thought to myself "although the 22k are nice, the 15k is also a nice burner and its simmer is only slightly hotter than the simmer burner" I wondered if I would upgrade. But since you posted your exact burner arrangement I think you chose very well. One simmer and one 15k with rest 22k I think is the best layout. You did well and he advised well. Only thing I would have done different on mine would be a 24" grill instead of griddle. ONLY reason I say that is cause of my personal cooking habits. Obviously your needs are different. And although I can produce some pretty nice 2" thick steaks on my BS grill an outside lynx wil give even better results...or at least as good results easier. In any case I'm still jeleous of your SL :)

I hope you stay here and let us know what color you pick...and better yet give some pics.

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@tyguy - Thanks for the feedback. I have a long road ahead with this build so I am not planning on going anywhere (good or bad). I will still need help from all the experts!

Just for fun, here is the layout of the kitchen (v2, still not final), prep kitchen and grilling area. The grilling deck is off of the kitchen and off of the prep kitchen so for true grilling, it is easy.

I thought about those big brekkies I make for the girls (my dear nieces) which usually include hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast and eggs...the double griddle just made more sense. When it is just the two of us I think the steam or speed oven will get the most use.

You are the first person I will shout out to when the SL needs a new home!

I really do appreciate all the help from you, Stooxie, Sandy and all the other BS and CC fans. We are confident we made the right decision for us.


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Michelle: I am 100% confident you did as well.

As for your sl.....should I wait till I lose my hair to get one? :)

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Can you change anything about the BS Range-top? I'm doing a 36", 6 burner. I too like the idea of an additional 22k burner.

And while we are at it, how much are the knobs (approx) if I wanted a color?


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Bee, can change the range top too. The rep priced the rangetop with changes as well. You can add 22K burners, you can move the simmer to the front or middle, right to left, Really...anything you want. Lead-time changes to approx 12 weeks when you do do a custom configuration. Lead-time is OK with us - we are six months out on appliances. Change away!

Tyguy - that all depends on long you have to go to lose your hair! ;-)


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I just bought a 24" BS range. Last summer my wife went to a BS cooking demo. She asked the rep if he had any comment on moving a 22K burner to the rear. He said that they put them at the front because they've seen discoloration of the SS riser (back splash) when the big ones are at the rear. We got it with the standard burner configuration. The house is still under construction so we haven't used it yet but I can tell that with both 22k burners on, the hood will be overwhelmed. Lot of hot air bypassing the front of the hood. It's a 30" BS Proline (Prestige) with a 1000 CFM BS roof blower. But when the stove is at less than full tilt boogie it may be okay.

The factory charge for moving the burners is $300. There's a new option. You can get legs that are 4" higher than standard for $400(!). We're thinking of buying them to raise the oven. My wife is 6'2" and she has some arthritis in her back. Bending down to use the oven is uncomfortable.

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