convection microwave recommendation

lrb500February 12, 2012

Looking for recommendations for a built-in convection microwave.

I understand a common complaint is that the microwave component is sometimes not very powerful.

Also concerned about small interior size.

Any advice, anecdotes, recommendations welcome.

Looking to spend less than $1000.

Thank you.

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My advice is not to get a built in, but instead put it on a shelf in your cabinetry. That's because unlike older microwaves, the microwaves today are not built to last, but have lives of about 3-5 years. You will spend a lot for the built-in trim (sometimes the trim cost as much as the microwave itself), and then when you want to replace the microwave, you won't find one the same size and you will be stuck. Better just to be able to uplug and swap out really easily.

Also, I cannot imagine spending any where near $1000 on a convection microwave. Please be aware that there are just a few microwave manufacturers, and most of the high-end names on microwaves (Viking, Dacor, Wolf, etc.) are just re-badges. The majority of microwaves are made by Samsung and Panasonic, and then a few by GE or LG. So, if you buy, e.g., a Viking microwave for $1000, you could have found the same microwave by Samsung without the Viking badge and Viking door, for half that. Anyway, I recommend the Panasonic Genius Prestige for a good convection microwave. It is the best looking microwave out there with its clean modern look, it works well, the dial adjustment is a great convenience. About $500. As to whether the convection feature is worthwhile, that's up to you, but be aware that the convection feature takes up a lot of the cubic feet of a microwave, and you will never really get the results that you would from an oven.

If you truly want a microwave that can double as an oven, check out the GE Advantium. But I recommend the more powerful 220v version to make it worthwhile. That new model Advantium in the 220v will cost about $1700 (but it is like having a 2nd oven and microwave in one), and you need to have the 220v outlet for it, but you can find the previous model 220v Advantiums for under $1000.

Here is a link that might be useful: Panasonic NN-CD989S Convection Microwave

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Look at kitchen aid KHMC1857 convection microwave for OTR. I agree the panasonic counter top model is a good recommendation as well.
My appliance man said the advantium had many returns - so many that he had a number of reconditioned ones selling very cheaply.

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