my 'bishi galant...

sailor86May 4, 2008

Only kidding about the grammar, folks. But really, what type/viscosity oil works best in a 4-cylinder, FWD small sedan(aka 2002 mitsubishi galant es, just over 100k miles)?

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This information should be in your owner's manual. If you don't have one, it will be in a repair manual. Two other sources are the library and the local quick oil-change shop.

I don't have he specs for Mitisubishi, but I think is it similar to the Dodge Stratus. The 4 cy, 2.4 L, dual overhead cam, Dodge Stratus engine uses 10 W 30 for temperatures above 0 deg F; for temps of 32 F and less, use 5 W 30. (There is an overlap between 0 to 32 F where either grade can be used.) The "energy conserving" or "Energy Conserving 11" is recommended.

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The guys at hte lube place used 5w-30 for my car. It is now almost summer. Do I need to change out the oil to 10w30? Is my engine in danger?

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Late message here...But I use Castrol Syntec....any synthetic oil is good, there is little difference. on the other hand Royal Purple supposed to give extra HP...I recommend checking the manual or the TSB of ES to get the one that fits....

Link that might be useful for you: Mitsubishi Galant repair

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