2000 Vw beetle update still headache

redpennyMay 18, 2007

Okay I took this Vw to a shop they said they thought it was the trolle they replaced the trottle then they tried to clear the codes after the new trottle was put in but they would not clear...........so they took the new trottle off and put the old one on because they said they now think it is a eletric problem.Took the VW to the dealer they just called this is now after 2 diagnostic tests that perhaps when I had the new battery put it it was not conformed to the car and this could be the problem so now it is at the VW dealer and I gave them the paper work from the other shop

and they sare trying to say that the battery is causing this.

When it was at the other shop they even took it to have the transmission checked which they feel the problem was clearly in the motor.................waiting to see what VW comes up with.................


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I'm sorry this is continuing to be a headache, Red. I don't suppose there's much we on the forum can do but watch, at this point. It's hard to know more without having the shops' specific diagnoses. About the only consolation right now is that if it is the battery and if it didn't cause irreparable damage to the engine electronics, then a replacement battery is not a very expensive fix and it should solve the problem once and for all.

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Well Steve so far so good. The battery in a new battery I had the orginal battery still in my car they said with this car it has to be put on the computer to conform to the engine????????????????????
Had the car inspected today no problems I did have the oil change too!

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I had the orginal battery still in my car they said with this car it has to be put on the computer to conform to the engine????????????????????

I'm not quite sure what they mean by that, except that there are some settings on the car (like whether the alarm horn beeps, the radio can be used, and some others) which can be set by computer but which may default to factory-standard if the battery dies. But the important thing is that they finally fixed it for less than another fortune. Please keep that dealership/garage in mind for your future maintenance. You definitely want to keep track of competent technicians!

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