moisture stains on inside of glass over dash

ivamaeMay 8, 2006

I recently bought a 2002 Accent. I noticed after I took delivery that the glass over the dash was very dirty. When I tried to clean it, I find it is on the inside of the glass. Can anyone tell me what would cause this and what I can do about it? I'm wondering if it is something to be concerned about except for cosmetic reasons.

Also is anyone familiar with the electronic module and the clear coat that they recommend for rust protection and color fading etc.


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Are you talking about the " inside of the glass " as to
inside of the car or between the glass as in the plastic
sheet that laminates it together ? If it is inside the glass as inside the car, it is caused by the air flow from the defroster. normal. Just clean it. If it is the laminate
replace the glass.

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