Master Bath- Advice/critique please

lniaFebruary 9, 2012


below is the layout of our master bath and master closet. would love your thoughts as this is a new build. Is there anything that is missing from the bath? would you add a towel/linen closet? SHould I add hooks for towels across from shower? The bathroom is long - ~18 feet. I am concerned the size of each vanity will be huge. What do you think? Would appreciate your ideas/thoughts. Thanks!

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What is the door to on the right wall of this long bathroom?

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Entrance to master bedroom.

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That is very similar the the layout of the master bath in the last house I lived in, though not as long, and it worked very well. I'd suggest widening the shower (take it from the tub deck). And give up some of the vanity counter space on one side for a taller linen closet.

I'd also eliminate the doors going into the 2 separate closets. Just make it one main door from the bathroom and have it open to either side. Hallways are wasted space.

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I'd reduce the size of the vanities by 15" or 18" and install "linen towers" between the wall and the vanity on each side of the room. There are no measurements on the layout, but I'm guessing the toilet room is about 5' long. There is alot of usable space sitting on either end of the tub--I would extend the toilet room by at least 6" and I'd do the same with the shower--it's hard to go wrong by enlarging a shower. BTW--is this a Don Gardner plan? Our builder built a DG home with almost this same bathroom!

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I like the idea of linen towers on the vanity ends, but I'd make them shallower, and myself, probably use them for everything but linens.

Although Weedy's correct about the hallway wasting space, I strongly prefer separate closets, so would leave it in. I'd just put a full-length mirror on the 'dead end wall' for dressing help and to bounce light.

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Thanks for all the input! I am liking the recommendation of the linen towers on the vanity ends, to make bathroom even more functional and perhaps give the illusion of being smaller. Would anyone have any pictures or know of good sites for me to look at to get a visual of these "linen towers" and dimensions.

No, not a Don Gardner plan. Just a mish mash plan with ideas from lots of other plans. :-)

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Here's our linen tower pics. We did one on either end of a 6.5' long vanity. They are about 4-6" shallower than the vanity with a fluted transition strip placed at an angle on either end of the vanity to connect them. We keep extra towels, washcloths, soap, TP, curling iron, hair dryer, toiletries, makeup, etc in there. It keeps everything more organized & easier to reach/find. We actually only use 3 of our 4 vanity drawers--hairbrushes in one, toothbrushes & toothpaste in another & my special stash of scented soaps in the 3rd. Th 4th is just empty. The cabinets hold the trashcan and cleaning supplies for the bath. I am so glad we put in the towers--much better than just the vanity cabs & drawers we have had in the past. Hope this helps!

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Perfect! I really klike that.thanks mydreamhouse!

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