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JSpannJanuary 29, 2014

Just curious if anyone has any input on this plan we are planning to build to sell.

One question - we plan to put slate in the mudroom/laundry/powder -- but wood will be everywhere else.... where would you stop the slate when talking in terms of that hall between the great room and dining??

Thanks in advance for any opinions/suggestions/thoughts!

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eh, sorry about the title... and can't figure out how to fix it!!

Here is the upstairs--

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I like it!

For purposes of discussion, I'm calling the top of the plan North.

I'd make a few minor changes. In the bedrooms upstairs, I'd use reach-in instead of walk-in closets. L-shaped hanging is pretty inefficient - you honestly can't do anything with the corners. I would put the closet for BR2 along the north wall, to offer a buffer between the two bedrooms. In BR 3, I'd move a door a bit to the left, and put the closet on the east wall. That lets you put another window in that room - necessary, since the screen porch forces the north window so far to the side. I guess a closet on that side would cut that window size even more - but not a problem if you put one on the west wall.

In the bonus room, I'd put the closet door in the middle, and rods down both sides (however wide the closet needs to be for that to happen).

Master suite:
I'm not crazy about the layout here. I don't think the closet windows serve any purpose other than to fade your clothes, but I can see where you would want symmetry from the front. Maybe you can put the closet in the middle, and bath on the south side.

The laundry room is cramped - you don't have any lace to put laundry baskets, hang or fold clothes. And the garage is really small (mine is 22'x22', and it's a squeeze - I have to park at an angle to open the door).

I would bring the garage forward a couple of feet, and move the laundry and mudroom walls south by the same 2 feet. A pocket door between the laundry and mud rooms would help a lot too. That allows you to put a coat closet in the mud room - I assume family will come in and out through the garage more than the front door.

In the garage, I would build shelve to the right of the door to the mudroom - 2'-deep shelves can hold a LOT in the garage!

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Mostly, it is good. I question your train of thought for "building this to sell" but, I'll let you figure that out.

I agree with Ann above too.

You'll be dancing around the barrier island (it is almost out of the way) in the kitchen all the time.

The WC in the master bath is dangerous since it is an inswing door on a small toilet room. (read other posts to learn more). Rearranging that bath and closet, like Ann suggests, might solve that problem for you, as you find a different place for it.

I agree with everything Ann said about the WIC upstairs, and the sliding the bedroom over so it can have windows maybe on 2 sides, and to give some sound cushion to the bedroom from the great room...

But, I'll go further and suggest you enclose the upstairs part of the great room and get another bedroom, a study, or ... (disclaimer: I haven't looked at the elevations of this house) I don't like the noise or the heat required for a 2 story great room.

The garage is too small
If you extend it, fine, but consider that you'll be adding a longer nose. How will people locate your front door (assuming they drive into your driveway and park). The longer the proboscis garage, the longer they have to walk around to the invisible (from their viewpoint) front door. This may not be a problem if you have a larger than lot-sized house building area--for example, a country location with a circle drive that comes in front of the house, for example.

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Also, if you enlarge the mud/laundry room, I'd probably put a man door in where the laundry window is, to allow muddy children and easy grocery packing into the house (if not through the garage).

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