Dual Fuel CC

Redhawk1February 16, 2012

I think I read in a post that Capital Culinarian will be coming out with a dual fuel in April of 2012. I have e-mailed the CC website to see if this is correct, but have not received a reply. Can anyone confirm that this is true? And if they are coming out with a new model, does anyone know if they will offer an option for a simmer burner? Just wondering.

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No one can really confirm until Capital does with a press release. It is just rumors and rumors for now.

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Bet I know at least one person one here that knows for sure. I'm sure he has to keep mum for now tho.

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Capital employees and their partners have to keep silent.

Or at least not blurt it out in public message board:)

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Oops, too late. This was posted on Capital's Facebook page yesterday in response to someone asking if they were planning DF range:

Capital Cooking "Actually, it's funny you should ask that because we are launching dual fuel ranges (in the Precision & Culinarian series) at the Architectural Digest Home Design show next month and at K/BIS in April! We haven't done an official release on this so can't commit to ship dates, but you can definitely look back on our Facebook page for more details. :)"

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Awesome! Thanks everyone. I am new to this forum, but am quickly becoming addicted to reading it. We are Building a new home, lots of decisions to make!

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It will be very interesting to see what they do with it. Electronic boards with various modes or a simpler version? Maybe it will have 3 fans!

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I don't have any info on the new DF but I do hope its a simple version.

As stated it will be on show at the Architectural Digest Show in March 22nd - 25th in NYC

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That's pretty good news. Although I love gas, it is nice to be able to say "ya we can supply you with that"

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