Can't Turn on the car sometimes

yan19454May 11, 2005

I hit the curb one time with my Saturn SL 2003. I changed the bumper and front frame after, Some one else some times hard to turn on the car. But after a few attempts, they will have no problem to turn on. What is issue here ?

Do you know how much it will cost ? Do I need to go to the dealer ? Dealer always cost more.


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Hard to turn on? Do you mean that the key is hard to turn in the ignition switch or that the engine barely turns over or what? Can you be a bit more specific about the problem?

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They can't turn the switch on. No electric equipment can't be on. It only happened two times after the accident happened more than one year. Thanks.

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I do not see any correlation between the accident and the ignition key switch engagement effectiveness.
As a guess, maybe one of the relays ?
Better guess , maybe the ignition switch on its way south.

You need a really experienced man, with a sensitive feel, to perform an accurate diagnosis...If the switch is turned 50% and the car springs to life, then, I think this is good..
If at 90% and the starter motor finally spins, then this is not so good..
And the repeatability must be at 100 %..

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But if you shake a little bit steer wheel, you can turn on, I am thinking the connection loose.

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If the steering wheel and thus the steered wheels are turned sharply in one direction (as opposed to being straight) when the car is shut off, sometimes the steering locking mechanism will catch and prevent the ignition switch from turning. You need to physically move the steering wheel slightly in the opposite direction (you can feel the resistance or tension in the steering) before trying to turn the key.

Is this your problem?

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