All Gas from Same Pipe?

mxyplxMay 31, 2005

87 Octane is recommended for our old lemonzine and we've used it for 10 years 55K miles no problem.

Last week we got a full tank of gas in Roseburg, OR, supposedly 87 Octane, Mobile Station, (sign said Tesoro), and our 95 Crown Vic knocked under load so bad I actually feared for the pistons. Never heard an engine knock like that ever. Gas burner or Diesel. This was NOT pinging. Not only steep back road adverses but freeway driving too (Oregon is spelled h-i-l-l-s).

Well I backed way out of it and finally eased far enough along till we could get enough good "Union 76" 92 Octane into it to balance out the other which cured the problem.

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Could be you just got some "bad" gas. Even with stringent requirements for maintaining underground storage tank integrity some tanks still leak. Remember too, that the concern is gas leaking OUT of the tank not water leaking INTO the tank. Condensation might also form inside the tank, adding water. If the storage tank is running low the pump might suck up some water with the gas.

If by the title of your post you're implying that there is no difference between octane selections at a given station, it could be true but it's highly illegal.

It the higher grade helped the problem, then another tank or two of good stuff couldn't hurt.

My advice is don't buy gas there again. LOL

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