SUV will not shift.

sue36May 22, 2006

This morning I started my 1998 Explorer Sport and attempted to shift it into Reverse. It seemed to shift, but when I pressed the gas, nothing happened. Same thing with Drive, and 2. The last time I drove it (2 weeks ago, I don't drive often), it drove fine. No grinding, no clunking. There were no noises this morning either. It just wouldn't go.

I posted earlier about an electronic issue that is causing the windows and skylight to not work (probably a GEM module, I was told), but haven't gotten it to the dealer yet. The 4WD hi/low blinks several times every few minutes.

Any ideas? I obviously have to get it towed to the dealer now, since I can't drive it. Could the tranmission have a related elctronic issue? Thanks for the help.

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Could your 4W drive be in a "false" neutral, i.e., between modes (not engaged)? Maybe the 4WD drive lamp is trying to send a message.

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I was wondering if it was related to the 4WD. The light has been blinking since the windows stopped working. Someone here told me that is related to a GEM module. I found that same answer somewhere else online as well. Maybe this is the next evolution of that problem.

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