GE Monogram, KA or JennAir?? Please help!

oopsy-daisyFebruary 4, 2013

We have been trying to decide on appliances for some time now and I am completely overwhelmed!! I have priced the three packages below and all are similar in price after rebates and special incentives. I would love to hear some opinions on the following...


30"combo Microvave and Steam Oven KEHU309SSS
36"Commercial Rangetop 6 burner KGCU467VSS
Dishwasher KUDE60HXSS


36" rangetop ZGU366NDPSS
advantium ZSC1201NSS

These sets are from three different places and each salesperson thinks their set performs the best (of course). I can't seem to find side by side comparisons on these so I really confused. We are at the point that the selection is holding up the project so I really need to make a choice ASAP!! Thanks for any help!

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We bought a GE Mono Dual Fuel range. it's not installed yet, but for us price was best and the low/high of the burners will be important for sauces, etc. We cook and entertain a lot, but it is not high cuisine. Just lots of friends. We also liked the size of the grates on the GE and the ability to move large pots around on one even surface. Full extension grates also was a plus. On your Advantium pick, it looks like a 120V. We are ordering a 240V. My understanding is that the 240V cooks twice as fast and operates more efficiently than the 120V. Can't tell you since we are not using it yet.

Just our thoughts, go with GE, but get the 240V if you can.

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Don't do a package. Maybe the KA DW, the GE Advantium, but that's all I'd pick from your list. And it's missing refrigeration and ventilation, which are two very expensive components that you need to factor into your budget.

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I appreciate the feedback. I understand that I may not get top performers in each catagory with a package but the incentives on the packages make a huge difference in price. We really can't afford to go over the price point we are currently at. Thanks for the heads up on the frig and ventilation, greendesigns, but I already have those taken care of.

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