1994 Pontiac sunbird Air conditioner

nitrojcMay 2, 2010

Hello, A friend of mine has this vehicle with the 2.0l engine. He's in the process of recharging the A/C system, but Can Not get the compressor to run in order to charge the system. It uses the R-134A type coolant.

I Need to know how to by-pass the safety switch, or whatever it has to run the compressor, so that it will Accept a new charge of 134A.

Any Help is appreciated, Thanks, Nitrojc.

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Are any of you qualified to work on the A.C. system ? By
reading the post i'd say not. If there are no wiring problems and everything is connected properly the compressor will start by itself when it reaches the proper
low cut out pressure. You DO NOT have to bypass anything.
It could cause and probably will cause serious damage if
bypassed. If you have the proper tools and know how to charge a system the compressor doesn't need to run at all to charge it. Good luck.

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HELLO, On a Fully charged A/C system, what would the Average PSI. Readings be for the Low, and High sides of the Compressor ?? ........ Thanks, Nitrojc.

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You don't say if the compressor is at a static equalized
state or running. Equalized approx. 110-120 lbs. depends on the ambiant temp. Running with all windows closed and the fan on high after the inside temp. is at 70F. approx.
28-35 F. High side approx. 175- 300. again depending on the ambiant temp. During the test there is supposed to be a high speed fan infront of the condenser simulating highway travel. That is a very hard question to answer because ALL simulations are different. A bad or leaking
compressor valve will change all pressures. You just kind of have to " know ". NO compressor or pressures will be the same in any vehical. The pressures you see in the book
are referance and starting points only. If i charge an A.C.
system in the winter ( home AC ) the low side will be about 5-10 lbs. In the summer it will go up to 55-65 bls. by itself where it should be if charged properly. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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