Cat on Convertible Roof

hedgerowglendaMay 31, 2005

Anyone have any suggestions to keep a cat off a convertible soft top?? We've had the car since November, and now all of a sudden, he has decided to get up top, and I would really like to discourage that. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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If he gets on the roof at a particular time, and you can sit inside waiting,,, cats don't like to be startled and probably won't return for a long while.

I've always had little convertible cars and many cats on the roofs yet I can't recall any damage from one.

I did have a cat take away one of my life's when he jumped up from behind me onto my shoulders after I left the house one day. Sure startled me & always looked around after that before putting her in gear.

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Mikie, I imagine that would certainly take away one of your lives!!! sure would scare the dickens out of me! Thansk for the tip. I will try and watch and see if he has certain times that he gets up.


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If you can keep the car parked where it's inaccessible to the cat (such as inside the garage with the door closed), I'd suggest getting a vinyl tarp and laying it across the top when it's parked. The behavior of animals is hard to control, and even if you train your cat to stay off of it, there might be other neighborhood cats who may not be so well taught.

The tarp would also protect it from bird droppings and the harmful effects of bright sunlight.

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Sorry I meant to say, "If you CAN'T keep the car parked...."

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Here's one thing(link below) that might work.I think there are other sprays to keep pets off furniture,probably available at most pet stores.Check out the demo video in the link for the product below,it's pretty funny!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ssscat

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Out here where I live lots of people puts lots of water bottles around the area where they do not want the cats to go, I have no clue as to what this is supposed to do, maybe its the way the street lights reflect through the water or maybe if the cat bumps into one and knocks it over it will act like some sort of cat scarecrow or scardycat may be a better name. I have seen people put plastic water bottles right on their cars hoods and tops so give it a try. Silly, isnt it???????????????

Duane in Japan

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Yes Duane, it does sound silly, but if it works, why not???? No streetlights here so it wouldn't work for light reflection, but I may give this a try anyway. I have also had a friend suggest using some set mousetraps on the the top, cover with a piece of cloth so the cat doesn't get hurt. And that might scare the ####### out of him!!!


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If you do the mouse trap thing, set the traps & carefully place them upside down. This technique was suggested by my parents' vet to keep the dogs of the couch & it works. I've also used it for cats. Warning: you will probably startle yourself several times trying to put them upside down. Keep your fingers out of the way! :o)

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My Cat sleeps on ours no matter where we keep the car. I am now buying a $2000 top because thier claws cause pinhole leaks. Especially where he jumps onto it.

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same is case with mine also sits on roof of car and makes scratches all over.i have coated roof with a plastic lamination..

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