87 toyota van check engine light

emailbyMay 15, 2005

I recently purchased a van which I love to drive and it gets great mileage.

I have been driving around town for about 3 weeks stop and go, with no long driving at one speed. Last week I was traveling at about 40 mph for about 3 miles in fourth gear.

The engine light came on. I speeded up and changed gears it went off.

Yesterday driving up a really big hill on a freeway in Portland Oregon (going out the Sunset highway near the zoo if anyone is familiar with the Sunset) 3/4 of the way the check engine light came on and stayed on for longer . The van which never overheats, the gauge always shows just a little out of the cold,

moved up a little but never near the hot zone while climbing the hill. After making the hill it went down to Cold again. The light did not come on again as most of the drive is level.

What should i check for. Thank you for any help.

Margaret at Emailbyrne@aol.com

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Driving at 40 mph in 4th , for 3 miles, or 30 miles is no big deal and should not be the cause for this " check engine" light (CEL)..Take it to a good shop and have the codes read - if this is possible..

Not that the thermostat has anything to do directly with the CEL - but apparently this vehicle is running too cold.
It should be fully warm within 5 to 6 minutes.
Is this a 4 or 6 cyl. , miles, repair history ???

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Take it to a good shop and have diagnostics run. One of the sensors may be reading out of range and may have failed. Make sure that the thermostat is ok.

You did not mention anything about the knock sensor kicking in so I'm assuming that this part of the system was ok.

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