He put out the engine fire, now what?

indigo1208May 23, 2005

Hard as this may be to believe, my son-in-law struck a lighter to see a little better while he was working on the fuel line of his car and . . .

Miraculously, he survived unscathed and hit the engine with a kitchen fire extinguisher, putting out the fire in the process. Since then he scraped all the visible gunk out of the engine compartment. Now the car will start but won't keep running.

Any suggestions on where to start solving the problems caused by the engine fire and blast from the fire extinguisher?

If you can't resist, please go ahead and comment about open flames and gasoline vapor, but please remember that I'm not the one who did this!!!

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Unless the air cleaner was off, the engine was running, and he hit it with a dry chemical fire extinguisher, I doubt he hurt the engine. The fire might have melted some wires, vacuum hoses, or a sensor. I don't think he could have hurt anything shooting the outside of the engine with halon, co2, or a dry chemical extinguisher.

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Its a wonder there is anything left to start, much less run ! It must have taken some time to locate and carry the suppression equipment - unless he was smart enough to have the fire extinguisher close by...
Next thing to watch for is burned off wire insulation;
everything should be repaired before attempting to start this poor car..

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I hear a little skepticism there, but I assure you that this really happened (fyi, my stepson totaled the taxi he was driving in an accident the next day -- not a good weekend for cars in my family).

OK, so far I hear: not a lot of likelihood that the the fire extinguisher itself did much damage, but watch for damaged wires/insulation, vacuum hoses, sensors. The check engine light is on, but we don't know yet if the sensor is damaged or if it is telling us something.

Thank you. I'll keep watching in case there is more info forthcoming.

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Well I would start by replacing the son-in-law. Next, try to retreive the codes stored in the computer to see what(general idea) of what is wrong, check a repair manual to see how to get the codes.
I have seen this same type of thing happen before. I was in the military and at changeover the on-coming person had to check the vehicles' condition. One of the (your son-in-laws' types) wanted to check the level of water in the battery and the light was bad, so he broke out the lighter and pooof, the battery was all over his face.

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