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kosinskiFebruary 12, 2012

We are in the early stages of renovating our kitchen. Two of the turnkey contractors we are talking with recommended Jennair appliances. We found a local dealer that has many high end models on the showroom. We ended up getting a quote that was based on list pricing with many perks (free DW, rebates, free install).

I made a few calls to check price and was told that list is the norm for jennair stuff. Since nothing was on "sale" we concentrated on other aspects of the reno till one of the retailers called to say we could get the whole jennair package with jennair perks plus a 20% discount on everything.

So, we ended up making a bunch of quick decisions and bought the package. After getting home and doing research that should have been done weeks ago I am questioning our decision. In the end for slightly less than 8k incl tax and after rebates we will have:

30" electric touch cooktop


72" French door refrigerator

Double wall ovens with convection

Built in microwave speed cook

I think the price is good and probably want to hear that I should stop worrying and finalize our countertop decision. But, after reading some not-so-stellar comments about jennair I am tempted to spend several days comparing a mix of appliances to the jennair package.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Sophie Wheeler

Do more research, but I'll tell you that you couldn't give me a Jennair package. Oh, I guess I'd take and resell it on Craigslist, but it would never go in my kitchen. Whirlpool anything has the worst customer service and they still don't really know what they're doing with Jennair and it's 4 years after the merger.

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Yeah, most Jenn-Air stuff is essentially the same as Whirlpool or the other dozen brands they own, save for some of their downdraft/cartridge cooktops. The dishwashers are nearly identical to Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, or Maytag - and not the best IMO. Likewise ovens and refrigerators. I prefer the GE Advantium 240 for the speedcook, though Electrolux and Miele (neither which I've used) have their fans.

No reason to buy appliances from all the same brand - choose the best of each type.

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We did the Jenn air package. Appliances are in place, but not hooked up yet. We did the pro range with free dishwasher, 72" CD fridge with $200 rebate and the install rebates.

I have had whirlpool and KA before with no issues. As far as WP services goes, our range was shipped with some weird etching on the oven door, I called the salesman, complained, and in 24hours, WP has shipped a new door and scheduled a service call for 72hours later.

Will let you know how the performance is by weeks end, as all should be hooked up by then!

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I'm considering the JA pacakge and the Thermador package. I cook but I'm by no means a foodie. I do not need a $10k subzero or a crazy expensive cooktop. It will not make me cook any better IMO. I've been tearing my hair out looking at all the different options, trying to piece together different things. What I've learned is that every manufacturer has complaints and problems. If the package deal is going to save significant cash I'll do it, otherwise I'll mix and match. I haven't worked all the numbers yet to see if that's the case.

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The thing about a package deal, is to be sure you know the price of each appliance. In this case, the Op has not even posted the price of the "Package Deal".

Of particular importance to many of us here, would be the price of the "30inch Electric Cooktop". The Op should really compare that price to an induction cooktop as the non induction cooktops are a real bugger to clean and keep clean, Been there , done that, (Caldera). All of them use the "Schotte Glass" so one brand is not going to be any easier to clean than the next one, regardless of what you read. These cooktops get hot enough to burn stuff on and you best keeps a razor blade handy.

Unless the cooktop is "Extremely Cheep" and you have a "Due or Die Budget", go with an induction top, I cant believe how easy it is to clean after I had that glass ceramic cooktop. The speed, the heat control, U name it!!!
I think I would stand in the street with a tin cup to find the money for induction before I would ever buy a non induction cooktop again!!!

Jenn-Air is at or near the top for refrigerator reliability ratings, year after year, from User reviews, not a Consumer Report "Overall Rating" alto they do welll there too, but we will see people "Diss that" so we go with the reliability ratings!

Whirlpool manufactured Fridges are made in the US, as I posted previously. As with other manufacturers, different brands, (IE, Whirpool, JA, KA) etc are aimed at different markets, and if you compare them, you will see differences in the interior parts used, as well as some of the features.

I have a lil problem understanding why some folks here like to lump all the Whirlpool Fridges together claiming they are all the same, and at the same time recommend a Miele Fridge that is made in the same factory in Turkey as the Bosch Fridges as well as the Gagg Fridges. Does one think the Miele Fridge production line workers are paid that much more than the Bosch workers---why is Miele building them there in the first place---U know the answer!
Cheap labor costs!

We seen many posts on the older Jenn-air cooking appliances, many not favorable, but we have seen few on their newer cooking appliances, and what we have seen, many are positive.

Anyway, as most folks recommend here, judge each appliance on its own merits, and buy the best appliance for the job and don't get caught paying way too much for one item, (The cooktop and "Maybe the DW) because---
it's a "Package Deal"

Good luck with your pending purchases, and keep us posted on your "Final Outcome" and performance of same.


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the info.

The package price was buried in the third para of my post. About $7,800 total (equipment, intall and tax). I did NOT purchase any extended warranties.

Regarding the cooktop, we purchased the std resistance cooktop. We can upgrade to induction, but I had thought special pots/pans were required to make it work right. I should do some research on this. My wife doesn't see the need, though, because we have had a glass-top electric range for 15 years with no problems. Stuff boils over all the time and it has not been a problem. Our old house had a gas range and that was much more of a cleaning issue.

thanks again

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Well, I'm blind in one eye and can't see out of the other, sorry about that!

I should have consulted you folks on how to keep one of those cooktops cleans, ours sure was a PITA!butt---- the biggest problem with it, was that grease, spots or soemething would get on the touchpad , it was not separated from the rest of the cooktop. The touchpad on the caldera was very sensitive to the least little spot on it and the freaking thing would beep at the wife and almost drive her nuts, I would clean it with every cleaner known to mankind, then it might work for a little bit.
The final straw in "That Camel's Back" was when one night , instead of going to bed, I came downstairs for some ice cream. I looked over at the cooktop, it had not only unlocked itself, but it had turned the largest burner "Full On"!!! and not that far away sat a dishtowel!
It went into the junk pile the next day!!

With Induction, the cooktop will not turn itself on without a pan on it, and then only the area under the pan gets really hot, alto if you were to run a dry pan on boost, you would, at the very least, total that pan.

You are correct that you need "Induction Capable pots/pans"
What does that mean?. They must be iron or steel (the kind a of steel a magnet will stick to) or they can be cladded type pots/pans as long as the steel is the correct type.
The induction capable cookware is not expensive, You can check here in GW, there are lots of afforable ones, I bought the EmerilWare for around $200 a couple of years ago.

That does sound like a great price, especially since it includes a 72" French Door Fridge. Be sure to check reviews on that fridge, as the Jenn-air Fridges that were rated highly for reliability were the Built in and SideXSides, and I believe the French Door Jenn-airs are built in a different factory, as I recall, that may not mean anything but I would suggest a little research.

Good luck with your pending purchases, I hope it really works out great, for you!!!


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The JA induction has a whopping 5000W burner and 2 bridges. I seriously considered but since it was new, chickened out.
Be fun to hear how others like it.

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FWIW, the 72 inch JA counterdepth FD was a CR recommended Frig in the July 2011 issue, one of only 2 CD on the list. We are seriously considering for our upcoming remodel.


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I went to a showroom the other day and was told that Jenn Air is going to be the top of the line, KitchenAid the middle, and Whirlpool the basic. I saw the wall ovens with the software that looks comparable to the Miele MasterChef. I was intrigued because you can even choose what kind of pan you use - i.e. roaster, aluminum, flat, etc. It's got an LCD screen so it even has pictures of where to put the temperature probe and stuff. It reminded me of a smart phone or something.

In 2004 we put in a Jenn Air dual fuel double range. I loved that oven. We're renting right now and I miss it every day. For that reason we were going to look into Jenn Air for our new build, but there seems to be so little information on the newer products. Is that why places like AJ Madison don't offer them? Anyway, I'm hoping that if anyone else has recent Jenn Air products they'll join in.

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We have an electric smooth top Jenn Air downdraft range. This is, by far, the worst range we have ever owned. One burner will boil water in 10 minutes or so. The others can take up to 1/2 an hour.

The oven bakes unevenly - very hot on one side, very cool on the other. Opening the oven door after preheating to put the food in causes a temperature drop of 100 degrees. It takes about 15 minutes to get back to temperature. I do not notice ANY difference when using convection. The oven temperature is also off by about 15-20 degrees.

The repairman has been here twice - the electronic control board went out the first year and the self clean would not work. He said the temp was spot on, but it is still not correct.

We purchased this in 2006. I will never buy another Jenn Air range.

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I just ordered a Thermador package. After much research, I concluded some of these packages are pretty attractive. In my case, I was happy with the pieces that were most important to me (induction cook top and fridge) and the rest of the stuff was at least good, as far as I can tell. I got builder pricing on everything and then two "freebies," a hood and DW with a retail value of over 3K. In addition to the Thermador 2 year warranty I got an additional year by using the store I bought from to do the installation. Finally, Thermador just set up their own service operation in my area so there are two choices for service, the 3rd party outfit that's been here for awhile and Thermador itself. The Jenn Air package was also very enticing, but the Thermador pieces worked a little better for me, although it was more costly.

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Sounds great, hope it all works out for you, and please review the appliances after You have had a chance to use them for a bit.

Unfortunately, some brands here, Viking, (Some of the Thermador line), and some of the Jenn-air brands kind of get a "Forever bad", or at the very least info about when they WERE having problems that may be several years old now.

Look at Blue Star for example, if we relied only on
"Dated Info", most folks wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole!---so it is important for all of us here in GW to "Stay in Touch" with what is going on in the "Current World Of Appliances" and inputs from actual users is the best way to do that!!!

Enjoy your new Appliances!!


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