camry oil filter

joe_mnMay 8, 2011

2010 4cyl. uses cartridge oil filter. aftermarket element has rubber end caps or reinforcement. stock oem element seems to be just paper. i assume aftermarket is ok?

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After market should be ok if it is a major filter brand and not wholly owned and operated by a competitor auto manufacturer.

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walmart only has fram filters for camry. ch9972 has no rubber end bits. tg9972 has rubber end caps. the filter on this car reuses the plastic filter body. has hex style end for use with filter socket. got correct size socket and it just spins. went to dealer and their socket is cast alum? i think? about $60 also. maybe it fits slightly better. plastic body has 2 ears or tabs on side. sure looks like it would work well with a filter socket that had some type of notches. so the dealer socket looks just as cheap as the one i got. anyone know of any fancier socket that may work better.

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autozone has a line of stuff thats geared more towards commercial customers. counter guy showed me the catalog and they had a toyota 64mm filter socket for $10. sure looks like the one for $60 at the dealer. had to order it though.

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my current socket wrench is stamped steel. probably 65mm also. says it is type F. i know the store seems to list a lot of their sockets by letter. could measure it. it did remove filter housing last fall. but now it slips. the toyota socket is 64mm and cast aluminum. is listed as toyota tool so maybe it will fit better. might take fram filter back and get a real toyota filter. think price is the same $6-7 or so.

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took old stamped steel socket back. got new cast aluminum version. went to dealer. got oem filter. checked out their socket. it is cast steel and plated. real heavy. tried my socket on filter cover. very snug. no slip or slop at all. now if i can work on car when motor is cold. hate removing hot oil filter. always drips.

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