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joe_mnMay 13, 2011

2010 camry 4cyl. drained oil last week. filter wrench failed. put in new oil. ordered new filter wrench. today i changed filter. filter housing is plastic and has drain. got about 1/3 qt. black oil. checked dipstick to add new oil and it is gold. think filter was in bypass? dipstick oil looked like honey. why was filter oil black? odd.

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this is 2nd oil change. original change oil actually did not look horrible. dark yes but not coal black. this oil change it was black. well its got a few miles now. combustion byproducts and all. i did use mobil 1 at 1st change. been told toyota syn oil is made by mobil.

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maybe the clean oil draining thru the dirty filter acts like a coffee maker? drain is at filter bottom so oil runs thru filter? not like a canister style filter where as you unscrew it, the oil just drizzles out the top.

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