kick toe heater recommendations

elyashFebruary 19, 2013

I am replacing an old kick toe heater in my kitchen which is
hooked up to my thermostat. I have base board hot water
heat. Does anyone have any recommendations for brands
of kick toe heaters? Our current one is not strong enough and is extremely noisy. Our kitchen is extremely large
and the kick toe heater needs to heat a major portion of the kitchen.

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I can wholeheartedly recommend our Turbonics toe kick heaters! Read about them here on GW almost 7 years ago, when we were beginning our kitchen reno. Very quiet (you do hear the air blowing, but no motor noises at all). We have two, one on each side of our island. They are switched separately, but we always turn them both on/off at the same time. You have different options re: switching them (or not--you can have them set-up so they go on/off automatically when your baseboard heat kicks on/off).

The people at Turbonics were very, very helpful with choosing the correct units, putting us in touch with a distributor, and with the set-up.

Our plumber, who hated kick heaters ("they're always noisy...") was quite impressed with ours when he installed them.

I've also read here that the Beacon-Morris kick heaters are quiet ones as well, but have not seen/heard them to make a comparison.

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I use Turbonics as well.


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Thanks so much.

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