American hybrid double wall oven

psyoheFebruary 3, 2013

I ordered an American Hybrid double wall oven. My cabinet guy wants to know how high off the floor I want it. I got the double french door model. I am not sure how high off the floor it should be. I am 5'6" so it cannot be too tall. I just need to be able to see the knobs.

I also don't want the lower oven to be too low or there is no point having a wall oven.

Any advice? If you have one, how high off the floor did you go? What size drawer did you put under the ovens?


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WIth knobs at the top, I put our wall ovens so that those controls were just a bit above eye level. If I'm looking at the right model, the American is a big oven, at over 58" tall. Since you'll have a toe kick of about 3 or 4 inches, you'll only have a couple inches of space to have under it, before it's at 5'6", so you wouldn't have room for a drawer if you kept the controls at your head height.

I just replaced my oven that had top controls with a Gaggenau that has controls in the center. That enabled me to put the oven up to about 70" for better reach into the bottom oven. Under that I have an 11" drawer front over the 3" toe kick. I just checked, and it wouldn't be too horrible to have the controls at the top of the oven, as it is, and I'm just under 5'4". My oven is about 56" tall, so close to the size of yours, and has doors that open sideways, which like yours, means you can get a better reach into the top oven if it's a bit higher than standard. I'd mock it up somehow to see how high you want to reach to the controls, but I think you could probably put a decent drawer underneath...maybe 8 to 12", and depending on if you have frameless or framed cabinetry.

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I don't have a toe kick under the oven, but my cabinet guy said it is still 5.25" off the floor. I have framed cabinets.

Then the specs show the gas and electric must be between 12" high and the floor. It shows 2x4s on the left and right side for support. So if I take the 5.25 and subtract it from 12", that doesn't leave much room for a drawer unless I put the oven higher.

I don't know if a drawer would still fit under the double oven between the 2x4s? Has anyone done this?

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