Price for water pump replacement?

Laura_IAMay 8, 2005

Well, we found a car for 16 year old DD. 91 Nissan Maxima, auto, 132k miles. Bought it Thursday, took it to get new tires, brakes, oil change and transmission flush. Friday we notice the smell of anti-freeze, but the radiator is not cracked and we couldn't figure out where it was leaking. Car is not running hot, and it's leaking just a bit, not a big puddle or anything.

She works at a golf course close to home, and works with a lot of guys who are much more car savvy than I am, so I had her drive it to work this morning and ask one of the guys to look at it. They told her the water pump is cracked and needs to be replaced. They also told her it would cost $600 to replace. Is this about right? After spending $600 on Thursday for the ties, brakes, etc., I'm a little sick.

I thought I had made a good purchase for her. This car is so quiet when it runs, and there is no play whatsoever in the stearing. It's totally clean and seemed to be in such good shape. I know these things happen, I'm just bummed for her and feeling guilty that I didn't make a good choice, and also shocked that it could be that expensive to replace. I also understand that I should probably have the timing belt changed while they're doing the water pump. Is that true?

Thanks for letting me vent :)

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Generally the cheepest place for parts price wise that I know of is AutoZone. Call them to find out what the water pump alone costs. Call an independent shop or two in your area for an estimate. Then you'll know what the real cost is. Might not be as bad as you think. If it doesn't leak much you can leave it alone and just check the coolant level from time to time. I have a '93 Tempo with 135k miles that the water pump has leaked a little for years. Gave it to my 17 year old daughter last year. Probably add coolant to the overflow bottle two or three times per year. I'd replace the pump but it's a real PITA to get to. Hard for me to do, expesive to pay someone to do for me.

I assume your water pump isn't cracked. If it is, $2 worth of alumaseal would probably fix it. Most likely it's leaking past the impeller shaft.

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Part should be around $50-100. Engine has to be torn down pretty far to get to it. So far, in fact, that you might as well have them change the timing belt & tensioner while they're at it....the engine is due for it (every 60k miles), and if it breaks while running (always does if you don't change it) then the engine is potentially the very least you'll have to replace some valves. TB will be $50-80 and should incur maybe 1/2 hour of additional labor....but you're saving 5-ish hours of labor by having both done at the same time.

Also, if pookems is the typical bubblehead teenage-put-gas-in-it-and-drive female, I'd have this fixed ASAP....if it blows a bunch of coolant out and she doesn't notice the guage is pegged, then you'll warp the heads/block, etc, and trash the engine.

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I'd put no credence in that $600 guess-itment.In the cars of today, a man cannot even see the water pump, much less see a crack.
If the Nissan is as difficult as a Honda Accord (1988), then 5 to 6 hours is correct for both the pump and the belt, and the bottom line from a shop would be pushing $600 !!

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Do it yourself if you sign up for autozone and add your vehicle they have a step by step guide i just replaced mine today 30 dollars and about 2 hrs with all the tools took me about 5 since i was running on limited supplies....make sure u get a duralast kit its probably the cheapest and includes a o ring and gasket.

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I just had mine replaced at a local shop and the complete bill was $176.00. Would have been cheaper but they needed to add anti freeze as I had a leak. My car is a 2005 Impala.

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Pep Boys just gave me a $550 quote. I glad I read this thread, 'cause I was almost willing to pay that.... going to do more shopping.

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I would definitely go to a local shop versus a chain shop. I had to replace mine and only paid $150. I have a 2004 Isuzu ascender, which h is foreign and usually more expensive too. I think auto zone may be cheaper, but call around.

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The whole process of replacing my water pump was about $95.00. I brought the pump($65.00) and the manual for my car($25.00). With a descent socket set and a couple of hours of reading the manual...your capable of just doing this yourself. Im no mechanic but I changed my water pump in my 2005 Dodge Ram 6 months ago and never had problem since. The step by step process is very easy to follow.

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Price of pump is around $65.00 the labor is 5.9 hours figure in replacing timing belt (good idea) our labor rate is $40 per hour and the total would be around $300, if the labor rate is higher plug in the numbers and figure out what it will cost, not a job for the novice very involved!

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Pump and theromastat were 82.00 at Oreilly and $95.00 for labor. Bought my own parts and went to local shop. Sounds like I saved myself a chunk of change!

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