So what's wrong with tire shiners?

arkansas_girlMay 4, 2009

I was told on my last set of tires that I should NOT use tire shine like ArmorAll? But I like the shiny tire look! Is it really going to ruin my tires? A suggestion for maybe something natural to use perhaps? Maybe I have something in my kitchen cabinet that is good?

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There is a special tire shine you can use. Not ordinary
ArmorAll. That stuff has a tendency to dissolve the side
walls of the tire. The biggest problem is spin off. When it
lands on your quarter panels it eats the paint. It says on the bottle not to use on rubber or painted surfaces.

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The aerosols tend to also get sprayed onto the brake rotors which contaminates the pads and the rotors causing noises, and occasionally pulls.

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HAHA! Do not use on rubber? A product designed to be used to shine up your tires says not to use on rubber? That's weird! Besides getting over spray onto your brakes, what is the problem with it being used to shine your tires. I used the word ArmorAll as a generic tire shine...doesn't have to be ArmorAll. The people at the tire store said not to use anything to shine my tires!

OK so spin off...I don't think I put it on heavy enough to spin off and I could just use those tire wipes over spray there.

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Don't use anything with silicone because it will draw the oil out of your tires and cause dry rot. Get something that has uv protection because the sun also causes dry rot.

Silicone - NO
UV Protection - YES

If the label doesn't say then call the company. McGuires Foam is a good one to use.

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I have been using it for years atleast since 1991.I like my tires to look clean and shine also.My motto is if the tires do not look spotless the complete car looks like crap.

I have heard all the myths and enjoy a good lauph.The biggest reason people do not like to as I call it dress there tires is.There lazy and just do not want to take the time so to make theres not look so bad they wish you would not also.

I have tried them all and prefere Tire foam from Armoral.Tire shine Tire wax there are all kinds of products that do the same thing.Some are foams others come with an applicator and you wipe it on.

Why would it harm your Brakes you put it on the tire not the brakes or rims.Why would it get on you paint you do not apply the intire container in one application.I use the foam let it set until all the foam has disapeared.Then wipe the tire with a damp cloth.

I have never had a craking problem and yes I use Armoal on my dash board and all my rubber trim as well.I like the Gel best.

Why would a tire place not like it?If it was so harmful to your tires they would love it.Why?Because they would sell more tires.They just do not like messing up clean tires with there greasy hands and catching heck for being slobs.Or maybe they find the tires last longer and want them to dry rot faster?Removes the oil from your tires?Cmon am I suppose to buy that line?

Reminds me of a few lazy friends of mine that claim I should not wax my car.Because the rag puts tiny scratches in my paint.Yea and they believe the wax at the car wash is all they need.Then why does there car look like a Chalkboard.I will take the tiny scratches and the weather cracked tires because I have not see neither in my vehicals.

Remember these same people think a tooth brush is made only for your teeth.But there not there made for cleaning your car also.

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Tire shine should be applied to a cotton rage, then wiped on the tire. As far as tire shine causing tire rot, yes it could, but it would have to sit with the hot sun beating on the tires for a prolonged period of time which is rare. And by the time this could occur under normal weather patterns it's doubt full that a car in use would still be using the same tires in 5 years which is the time it would probably take for this to occur.

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I saw the thread when using google this way* to search for tires. I'm new to garden web and want to help where I can and learn when I can. Here's what I wrote just to help out anyone who's curious. Maybe this group wants to try it on an old piece of tire they lay in the sun for a year. Here's my opinion.

Rubber and glycerine - Tire dressing / shine - MSDS shows it's easy to make at home

I'm a degreed scientist in chemistry and electronics. Material science is my background.

Recently I was curious about what is in tire dressing.

Typically it's a small amount of a silicon 1-4% and or glycerine 10-15% the balance is water.

Glycerine can be bought nearly anywhere such as a pharmacy .
We'll ignore using silicone for this discussion.

However there's no reason you could not spray a bit on after
or before you being applying this mixture we make using water and glycerine.
Silicone does not mix with water or glycerine in my experience. The type used in tire
dressing has been modified so as to be miscible (mixable)

Since we use 10% glycerine in water you could make 8 oz for literally pennies.

I need your help. I'm disabled and it's not easy to just hop in the car and
travel to the store. Would a few of you like to try making this
inexpensive tire dressing and letting us know
how it woks for you? IF you need help once started I'll be here for you.

Glycerine is made of carbon mostly. It mixes with water easily.

1 oz in 8 oz of water is about 15 percent. That would make 9 oz.
Use 1 oz on the tires and you'll have an 8oz container left for the next use.

There's no reason to refrigerated it. It will remain stable.

If you're willing let's hear from your experience.

If I can do it myself I'll post here what my results are.

Don't forget to take photos and even camporee what you made to what you buy.


PS. If you have any interest to copy or make your own product that you feel
you pay too much for let me know via a thread called

DIY home chemicals

I'll help you research how to make it yourself, safely and as close to
the original product's performance.

The MSDS sheets are the key to finding how to make up your
mixture. But occasionally
mixing certain liquids and powders are difficult. They sometimes
require special methods but
nothing that you can't manage in your kitchen or garage.

Or outdoors if the liquid is flammable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glycerine tire dressing On Google

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I would Love to work with you or get any fresh info you may have please we have a car wash & 3 disabled autistic children & desperatly want to learn how to make our own gardurnit PLEASE Contact Me Thank You!! :0)

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