Here's what happened re: mechanic can't find problem

susie100May 21, 2007

Hi, all, sorry to be so lax in responding. Here's what has happened. I got my car back last week after the mechanic had driven it for several weeks trying to get the engine to die while driving. It finally did, and he did the following things, as, he put it, following "his best guess". He installed a new camshaft sensor, and another kind of sensor (can't remember what he called it). He also changed the sparkplugs, and replaced a bad coil. Since I have had it back, it hasn't stopped or given an indication that it will (fingers crossed). Thank you all again for all of your input. I did relay all input because I wanted him to follow any possible causes, and frankly, because it's scary when the car stops on the highway. All the best to all of you, and thank you again. If the thing acts up again, I will let you know, and if it stops again, I intend to get another car.

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