Whoa! We sold our old Vette last night!

mary_228May 10, 2005

I'm feeling a little sad. After badgering my husband to get rid of the old Vette ('79 L82 w/t-tops and spoilers) for the past year and a half, the first person to call on it bought it!

We've had it since my first child was born (18 yrs) and it sure looked great sitting the garage. (While our other cars had to be scraped and shoveled off in the driveway each winter.)

I just started to drive it as a way to "advertise" it this spring and I had quite a few people stop me and ask about it. I was getting to like it. Nobody was going to pass me! (Not like when I drive my minivan!) I kind of liked that big loud engine. I wasn't even selfconcious about those smelly fumes hitting the cars behind me. And I kind of figured, hey, if he can have a sports car (anniv editon Vette), why not me?

But now it's gone. I got what I asked for. Now he's the only one with a sports car. :(

I'll have to wait about three more years till we retire the minivan. Maybe I'll get one of those cool Thunderbird convertibles!

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Is there any such thing as a practical sports car ?
Or this this an version of an oxymoron ?
The Corvette is quite the investment, so little depreciation, fairly easy to sell, a ball to drive. It is good to see GM protect this vehicle, and not mess with the original concept - a Ford did with the T-Bird...
Others, such as Saab have tried this same concept, but never stayed with it, through thick and thin.
Here, the car-makers of the world can learn from GM..

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"the first person to call on it bought it"..."But now it's gone. I got what I asked for." Do you mean that you got what you asked for because he got rid of it? or because you got what you wanted for price. If the first guy that looked bought it, then you might have let it go too cheap.

1 owner '79s are hard to find these days. How many miles? 25 years is considered "antique" so a 79 now has that status. Out of curiousity, what did you get for it?

"anniversary edition" = 50th anniversay?

I think he should get you a C6 roadster.

Watch ebay and see if it goes up for sale for twice what you sold it for.


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We listed the car at $8995 and we sold it for $7900. It has 95K miles on it and we were the second owners. It was the somewhat less desirable color combination - white w/ tan interior.

There were a few problems: leak in t-tops or windshield, don't know which, so we didn't take it out in the rain!

The a/c didn't work, probably needed to recharged, but sold the car as is, just in case.

Cosmetically, the paint was kind of bubbled on one 5" section of the hood and seemed to be peeling off on part of the rear spoiler.

Of course, we could have sold it for too little, and I never thought my husband would go for the first "low ball" offer, but he did and the deed is done. It's just a bit ironic that I am feeling a bit disappointed when "I got what I wanted" and the car is gone.

And yes, hubby has the 50th anniversary edition convertible, so he is not sad at all!

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Based on your description, sounds like everyone made out OK.

I've got a '76 Trans AM (455/4speed, Black and Gold Limited Edition (commemerates 50th anniversary of Pontiac)) occupying space in the garage and annoying my wife.

They just don't make them like that anymore.

But I'll bet that new Vette is a blast to cruise around in.

Good luck with it.

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Sounds like you came out all right on your '79. My dad used to get attached to vehicles too. I only remember him selling 2 vehicles, and he regretted selling those. Why did you want to sell it after all this time?

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Take the money from the sale, the money you'll save in insurance & apply it to growing the garage. Then the next vette and your car can share.

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FWIW, we listed the car in "Corvette and Chevy Trader" magazine. The new issue (with our ad in it for the first time) just hit the stands and this young woman called, drove 45 min with her whole family (hubby and two young kids) and a bunch of cash and just had to have this car! Just amazed me, after so many years of b...ing at him to get rid of it, poof, it just disappeared!

There was no pressing need to get rid of it, although we are facing a new roof and replacement windows, which 8K isn't going to cover much! This was the right time of year to sell it, and I hope they have many happy years driving it!

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