Upholstery repair-any DIY advice?

aartwmichMay 28, 2005

I have some van seats that I had stored in the shed. Well the mice got to 'em and chewed 3 quarter sized holes thru the fabric and slightly into the foam. I would like to patch these holes, they are merely unsightly not really structural damage.

The fabric is kind of like velour, it has a nap to it and a pattern of grays and bronze. I've looked around the edges of the seat covers looking for a scrap tucked in somehwere that I could rob, but to no avail. I've seen these kits that have a glue and different colored fine powders and wondered if anyone has used them that could offer tips or tricks--or say yeah or nay.

Thanks in advance to any advice.

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IMO the cheep trick you mention might be worth a shot if the holes were the size of a cigarette burn. Yours sounds too big for that to me. If it were me and neatness mattered at all, I'd take it to an upolstery shop and see if they have fabric to match and replace the bad panels. It usually doesn't cost that much replace one panel like it does if they were going to make an entire seat cover.

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Get another seat from a junk shop, recycle shop, you can order parts on line too from recycle shops around the US.

Duane in Japan

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