How to clean carpet inside your vehicle

LifesabeachMay 19, 2005

Hey guys,

This is my first time over on this forum (I'm usually on the laundry or cooking forum).

I've done a search but cannot find an answer. This is my question.... What is the best way to clean the carpet in a vehicle?

I'm wondering if using those spray on types that you just vacuum up work the best or if something like The Little Green Clean Machine should be used for BEST results.

I've heard pros and cons for both, so I'm wondering what you guys have the best results with.

Thanks for your advice,


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I just use a powerful vacuum and a brush (sometimes wire)..When really serious about, I remove the seats - a ton of trash and some good items can then be found..
This was easy on the older cars.
With a Saab 96 all a man had to do was simply slide out the seat. VWs were also cheap and easy to work on..
Now this can no longer be done - NOT good..

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I wouldn't want to remove my seat since it has power, heat, cooling and memory.

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Trial and error. Try the spray on cleaner, some of those products are very good. If it doesn't work, you aren't out that much in terms of money.

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The best automobile carpet/upholstery cleaner I've used is
Blue Coral (liquid kind - Not Foam). Vacuum first and then spray until wet and scrub with a stiff nylon brush. Let it dry and vacuum again. Works great on removing grease and even removed a sucker (found under the child's car seat) that had melted into the seat upholstery.

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I have a little bissel machine like you described. I used that thing with hot water and Pinesol or laundry soap and it looks like a new carpet when im done.

Remove the seats is a good idea unless you have side air bags then I would remove the seats.

Youll be suprsied how much dirt that thing pics up.

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The Blue Coral Upholstry and Carpet cleaner is also great in the house. I also use it for spots on my carpet and furniture, especially cat barf.

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