Car wants to die when I'm stopped and air/heat is on

msroseMay 7, 2010

I have a '07 PT Cruiser. When I'm at a stop and the air or heat is on, the car acts like it's about to die. The engine then revs up and the car jumps forward a little bit. I recently was going down the highway and when I floored it to pass a car, my car started jerking back and forth and the gas peddle didn't work for a second. I took it in that day and they replaced the crankshaft position sensor. I thought the two problem were connected, but it still acts like it wants to die when I'm stopped. Any ideas what it could be?


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Idle air control if it has one is my shot in the dark guess.

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If that's what it was, would that just be a matter of adjusting something or replacing something? Just wondering how much it would cost me.


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