Two Person Shower

petesmomFebruary 4, 2012

DH and I shower together often and in our current shower one of us is always freezing while the other is a "water hog". Has anyone put a 2 person shower in their master bath? I would love to see some pictures. I am especially interested in a shower with 2 sets of shower heads and temp controls.

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The shower in my previous house was 6' x 4' with two shower heads. We're going to put in the same dimensions in our new house. It's a steam shower too.

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Here's ours. We opted for the second shower head to be a handshower on a slide bar so it was more versatile. If only one of us is in there, we can get the whole spa experience by turning on the main shower head, aiming the handheld toward the bather & turning on the overhead raincan (not shown). Our shower is 4'x7' and doorless.

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Thanks for posting pictures. Really helps me. Especially since you have two different styles.
mydreamhome- is there a curtain? I imagine if it is open that it may be a little drafty, but have seen pics that are "walk in" and have always been curious about chilly air.
annkathryn-I love the look of your shower. It is what I had in my mind when thinking of a 2 person shower, but I am open to other designs.

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petesmom- In answer to your question, remarkably it is not. The best I can come up with is that it's because the shower spray kind of makes a wall of hot water & steam between me & the open end of the shower when I'm shampooing my hair, etc. as I stand between the spray and the back wall. Then I'm back under the spray to rinse off. We designed the shower without a door on purpose for 2 reasons--1)ease of entry and exit in the event we are ever in a wheelchair, using a walker, or just need assistance & 2)I didn't want to clean the glass. The glass cleaning issue is also why we have all tile walls vs. glass even though I love the look of the glass.

The builder kept urging us to put in a ceiling heater because he thought it would be drafty, but we resisted. He also pushed us to put glass on top of the pony wall as he thought water would splash out, but that hasn't happened either. I will say that the first time I showered in there, visions of the highschool gym showers ran through my head due to it's openness, but that soon went away and I just enjoyed the luxury of having such a large shower.

Hope this helps!

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We have a two person shower with two thermostatic controls b3ecause we prefer different temperatures. Our shower is 62" wide and 42" deep, with one fixed head and one handheld on a sliding bar on the opposite 42" walls. It works for us.

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Ours is sort of like two individual showers. It's long and we each have our own side. The picture doesn't show it, but the other side mirrors the side you see in the picture.

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Seuro, do you feel the 42" is plenty deep? We are working on our master bath, and GC wants to make the shower 40"deep to keep from having to frame out the wall.


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How big would you make a 2 person shower?
I have the option of a 3x5' shower or a 3'8" x 4' shower. Are both of these big enough for 2 persons? Or, would one be preferrable?

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We have a 3'6" x 4' shower with two showerheads. One is handheld on a bar. The shower is a corner shower, and the showerheads are on each side of the corner. We find it works well for us, even when we're both in there. We don't have any problems with being in each other's way, which I'd worried about when we were planning it.

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We don't have a built-in shower seat. If we did, I would want to have a deeper shower, say 54" instead of 42" deep. As it is, 42" is just about the right depth.

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Thanks WindyCityLindy. Do you have a picture to share? I'd love to "see" the space.

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