2003 Honda Civic LX

fiedlermeisterMay 2, 2012

I have broken the red plastic cover on the tail light. Can this be replaced separately or do I have to replace the whole tail light? I seem to be able to find the part but the dealer says it only comes as a unit



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Consult a repair manual. Also, look at your assembly. Is the red cover a separate piece or is it securely fastened to the assembly via sonic welding or solvent cement? If it is melded to a base piece, very likely the entire housing is replaced as one piece.

Next, try to locate a repair part at sites such as rockauto.com. This'll give you an idea of price. Next, query the web sites of your local salavage yards. Several salvage yards sell good used body pieces. Contact one that deals in Japnese and foriegn car parts. If you can locate a good salvage part that is not crazed, it should do nicely, but you'll have to install it yourself or entice a friend to do it.

Never use regular auto wax on plastic lamp assemblies. The solvent in the wax can attack and craze plastic lenses.

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Thanks for your response

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