How many lumen/sq ft is in your bathroom?

piscesgirlFebruary 6, 2013

Trying to determine bathroom lighting needs for our remodel. From what I read online a bathroom needs between 70 - 80 lumen per sq ft (average recommendation 75). Our bathroom is small 7'x7.5' or 52.5 sq ft. Which equates to 3,937 lumen requirement.

Sounds like an awful lot considering based on my calculations our bathroom currently only has between 1200 - 1400 lumen (less than half the required amount).

Curious as to how much lumens per sq ft others are installing.

Considering the LED recessed lights we are looking at are only 390 lumen (Toshiba PAR20 LED) or 575 lumen (Cree 4") that means between 6 or 9 recessed cans in addition to the two sconces.

Worried with all those recessed cans and a ventilation fan our 7' x 7.5' bathroom ceiling is going to look like swiss cheese!

Would love anyone's input.

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I have a similar size bathroom, and I just have a light fixture above the mirror with two 60 watt bulbs, and it lights the room well. The previous owners just had a single 60watt bulb which barely lit the room.

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