WV 2000 Beetle

CBryantMay 14, 2014

It started this morning when I am sitting in drive it has a hesitation, but I can slip it in neutral and it began to idle just fine. In recent weeks I have had a tune up , new plugs wires and fuel filter . Just wondering what it could be in the long line on trouble after trouble.
Desperate for answers

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On a wild outside chance, check for a broken ground strap. Somewhere on the engine there should be an electrical woven strap or multi-strand wire that connects the engine block to the chassis. When the ground strap is comprimised, the neutral/park switch can complete the ignition circuit and when the shift lever is moved into any gear, the neutral switch is opened leaving the ignition circuit to find an alternate path. On the car where I found this problem, the ignition stopped entierly when the shift lever was moved to a gear.

(How did I find this? I got the clue when the overloaded neutral switch circuit began to smoke.)

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